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Syscomm provide IT Support Services to primary, secondary and academy schools across the UK

IT Support Failing to Deliver?

Shrinking education budgets, complex legacy ICT environments and rising expectations from staff and students – sound familiar? With government pressure to raise standards and a seemingly never-ending set of new initiatives, there are any number of fresh challenges. And if you’re dealing with creaking legacy systems and stretched resources, you’re undoubtedly feeling additional pressure.

ICT is now truly embedded in the curriculum and your Internet connection and underlying network is an essential part of teaching and learning. Today’s technologies have introduced BYOD, Cloud services and streaming media and with the network at the centre of this digital world, it is now more important than ever that you have a robust and secure service that you can rely on.

Technology and support that enables a modern and productive classroom

Your IT network needs to provide an educational experience much more aligned with the needs of today’s staff and students

The Syscomm team understand the complex technical and budgetary challenges facing IT departments in Schools, Academies, Colleges and Multiple Academy Trusts, and through a consultative approach, we help academic organisations implement reliable IT solutions that protect students and improve learning outcomes.

We take the time to understand your current network infrastructure and your requirements. Then we can help to build a powerful network infrastructure solution to create better learning opportunities, raise learning standards, reduce costs and improve security.

With our broad portfolio of services and solutions, backed by over 10 years of experience maintaining IT solutions within the Education sector, Syscomm is a reliable and trustworthy partner to assist with your IT challenges.

  • We’ve supported schools for over 10 years
    We currently work with schools across the UK
  • We provide an unparalleled level of IT integration and after-care support
  • We create fully-tailored solutions to make the most of your IT budget

Building a strong foundation for your schools digital infrastucture

The configuration, installation and management of networks in the education sector is essential to the smooth running of your school

Our team know how to smoothly roll out high-speed, flexible IT networks – both cabled and wireless solutions – in schools of all sizes. We also know how to securely transfer data to new devices and connect new equipment successfully to an existing school IT infrastructure.

We work closely with IT staff and the Senior Leadership Team to fully understand your IT challenges and objectives and collaborate at every stage of the technology lifecycle to ensure your systems deliver to their full potential. From our initial meetings, through to proposal, delivery and in-service support, we deliver balanced technology solutions that empowers your teachers with a secure, stable and flexible IT system.

Our collaboative approach works – turning your strategic investment in your network into an enduring infrastructure that is cost-effective, secure and resilient, targets 100% uptime, and grows staff confidence that IT will continue to deliver a modern educational experience.

Key Technology Challenges Facing Schools

Cyber Security Solutions specifically designed for schools


Schools face the same cyber security threats as many other businesses and government organisations. This is particularly alarming considering the sensitivity of the data held relating to pupils, parents and staff that could be compromised.

Many do not have in-house expertise in information security; your school may rely solely on your IT manager or even your outsourced IT service provider. However, general IT support and cyber security are very different disciplines and the priorities of each are often in contradiction.


Syscomm understands challenges educators face in delivering engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning opportunities to students while maintaining a high level of network security to protect data and meet compliance standards.

We provide schools, colleges, MATs with a proactive and transformative approach to cybersecurity. Our next-generation firewalls protect your network and quickly detect and contain threats, protect against accidental or malicious insider threats, provide ‘single pane of glass’ management and analytics, and easily control who and what has access to your network.

We can offer you:

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security generally consists of network firewalls, web filters, email protection, and application firewalls.

Internal network security

We ensure that your systems are kept up to date with all the latest security patches to ensure there no areas that can be leveraged by attackers

Rapid response capabilities.

In the rare event of an incident, our intrusion, detection and response solutions ensure they are quickly isolated and dealt with.

Expert Knowledge.

Maintaining a capable IT security staff is challenging for many school districts.  We have security experts who can properly configure security systems, deal with potential incidents, and provide valuable advice.

Mobile technology in the classroom is a reality.   So is the need for robust safeguards


As students, staff and guests increasingly bring their own devices into schools, educational organisations need a secure and seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that allows them to scale bandwidth and provide secure access. Devices from home often contain viruses and vulnerabilities. When introduced into your network and given trusted user status to access network resources, these BYOD devices become BYOID (Bring your own infected device) machines launching all sorts of chaos that requires network IT admins to spend time fixing and troubleshooting.


With BYOD and the Internet of Things being hot topics in modern education, Syscomm have developed an education-focused technology suite to address the challenges to security and deployment costs associated that BYOD brings; and as a specialist provider of Wide Area Connectivity, Data Centre and Cloud services, we are uniquely placed to support educational IT systems end-to-end - from the onsite network, including Wireless and BYOD, through to student Web Content Filtering and even providing cost effective Internet connectivity.

If the demands on your existing IT network have grown and its performance and reliability is starting to suffer, it’s time to upgrade

We’ll upgrade you efficiently and cost-effectively, looking at every aspect of your current IT network (including the quality of cabling being used) to make sure your new solution doesn’t ever grind to a halt. Our proactive and flexible approach is focused on pinpointing issues before they degrade student and teacher services, changing the support emphasis away from fault reaction times, and instead building confidence and trust in the IT infrastructure to support the classroom.

New Local Area Network (LAN)

Chances are your school will already have a LAN that has been in place for many years but perhaps has become limited or no longer fit for purpose.


Let us review your existing LAN – we can provide a detailed review, understanding your current and future IT requirements that need to be supported by the network, any planned growth and, critically, your budget to put together a solution that works for you now and into the future.

Fast, reliable, secure WiFi for schools

Fast and reliable school WiFi has never been more important and Syscomm can design, install and manage a fast, secure and robust school-wide WiFi network to support all your educational requirements.   


Our engineers will carry out an initial wireless site survey at your school, design your wireless network to provide your institution with the highest levels of speed, coverage and security. Our expert WLAN engineers will produce a detailed design with recommendations of hardware requirements and locations for maximum wireless coverage.

MAT IT Services and Solutions

Syscomm's Multi-site WAN solution has been designed to provide MATs with a centrally-managed, cost effective, scalable and flexible ICT solution. Whether you’re at the start of your journey in coming together as a Trust, or a longstanding Trust looking to make better use of resources, we can connect all your academies.


We offer a range of advanced Broadband, Network, Cloud and Telephony solutions allowing our schools the advantage of secure, integrated applications and services.

Like many schools, you’re probably struggling with your broadband speeds

Chances are your internet service is on the slow side. We provide secure school broadband services designed to maximise speed, security, reliability.  Our range of school broadband services includes FTTC and FTTP connectivity through to dedicated fibre leased lines.

Syscomm is one of the UK’s foremost IT support specialists, with 30+ years of industry experience

Within schools, MATs, Colleges and Universities, Syscomm consult on how strategic investment into enduring technology can steer IT towards a cost-effective, secure and resilient infrastructure that targets 100% uptime, and grows staff confidence in IT to deliver a modern educational experience.

What are our clients saying?

Whether looking to fully outsource or collaboratively co-source alongside existing resources, we deliver a service that enhances performance while considerably reducing the costs of operating, administering and maintaining your school's IT infrastructure. Talk to us today to find out how we can help your school