Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced detection solution, giving your business the ultimate protection against today's cyberthreats

Cybersecurity is a continuous battle

Security professionals, business leaders, insurers and regulators are increasingly concerned about the rapidly growing volume and efficacy of cybersecurity exploits and the financial, legal and reputational consequences of these attacks.

The extent of the threat is sobering. Damage to IT systems can often be recovered where robust backup systems are in place – but private database breaches, wide-scale data encryption and Intellectual Property theft are all common outcomes of modern security incursions, leading to long-term ramifications that significantly elevate the magnitude of threat.

Zero-day attacks and other advanced persistent threats are the most serious cyber security issues businesses are currently facing.  These threat actors are patient and resourceful in their efforts to evade your defences and remain undetected.  Put simply, in cybersecurity, what you don’t know can hurt you.

When these cyber threats are successful in gaining access to systems and networks, standard security solutions often ‘fail silently’ unable to detect the intrusion, let alone alert you.

A security breach can cause significant disruption to your organisation and is potentially a ruinous event for a business.  The most vicious attacks now encrypt and exfiltrate private data, tightening the screw for non-compliance with ransom demands and threats to sell or publish private data if ransom payments are not paid.

It’s a lose-lose situation for the victim – either pay and tacitly support this heinous industry (whilst also signalling to the dark-web that the organisation is ‘soft’ leading to a wave of further attacks), or hold out against the ransom and suffer the further complications surrounding Intellectual Property theft, GDPR breaches and potentially a rise in targeted follow-on spear phishing attacks as a result of document, account and identity cloning.

Relying solely on signature-based methods or indicators of compromise (IOCs) lead to the ‘silent failure’ that allows data breaches to occur.  Regular endpoint solutions are unable to protect against a threat they do not yet know about (the ‘unknowns’) and can therefore leave an organisation susceptible to a zero-day threat or one that has been amended to bypass identification.

Move Beyond Anti-Virus, Endpoint Detection to Endpoint Prevention & Response:

Maximum Protection Against Evolving Threats

Your business benefits from advanced threat and data protection capabilities, giving you real-time protection that not only prevents the damage from occurring, but actually stops the malware in its tracks. When combined with an existing anti-malware solution, your business gets the defence in depth they need to bring the time to containment to zero.

Get the ultimate protection against spam, phishing, malware and targeted attacks on the mail server, gateway and SaaS applications.

Secure physical and virtual desktops, laptops, mobile devices, along with much more secure access to web and web-based applications.

Centralised Visibility and Control

Streamlined security administration means that the burden on your IT resources is greatly reduced, helping them to manage threats through a consolidated console.  You get detailed information about the attack without having to sift through massive amounts of data.  This kind of granular visibility makes monitoring and actively managing any breach much simpler for your teams.

Security analysts can now easily understand what happened and when it occurred, and can easily follow an attacker’s steps and their impact.

Managed Defence Services

Combining endpoint protection with Syscomm's expert cyber security analysts and support centre provides your business the 24/7 security defence and intelligence necessary to protect your data, your infrastructure and your assets from new and evolving threats and methods of attack – giving you ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Our Managed Defence Services can be tailored to meet your complex information security challenges to provide you the essential technologies and resources you need to improve your security and protect your data and employees.

The Technology, Resources and Intelligence You Need to Secure Your Business....to find out more about our comprehensive managed cyber security service, get in touch with our team of specialists today.

Endpoint Prevention and Response - Why You Need This to Enhance the Protection of Your Business

While most EDR solutions enable continuous monitoring, they are unable to actually prevent the attack, simply providing better visibility for post-breach investigations.

Syscomm can give you additional protection by implementing an EPR solution that actively hunts down and prevents threats from damaging your network by scanning for patterns and looking for anomalies that represent malicious activity and stopping the malware in its tracks.

This gives your business complete protection and peace of mind for your security teams.

EPR solutions provide visibility into your network endpoints, where there is often chaos and insufficient security. It’s hard to protect against something you don’t see, and many threats will eventually find a way to bypass all defensive measures.  Or they already have.

Unlike current Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) solutions, which only offer visibility at the device level, EPR solutions enable endpoint monitoring at the network level, giving you immediate protection against unknown threats.

Once you set up your EPR solution, the processes are deployed automatically. Everything from threat detection, threat prevention, incident investigation to event alerts is automated.

Our EPR solutions even enable automatic incident response. Set up triggers and watch your EPR solution apply real-time fixes. You’ll get alerts for the event, and you’ll be able to monitor how the solution is keeping your network secure.

Endpoint Prevention and Response is a new technology that amplifies the traditional anti-virus approach and allows for continuous monitoring and response capabilities. This is the most advanced form of threat protection currently available.

Our recommended EPR solution (PARANOID) is unique and focuses on operating system behaviour to stop new, never-seen-before and fileless threats that antivirus and next-generation antivirus solutions tend to miss.   As such, it does not require a ‘rip and replace’ approach, but rather complements your existing anti-malware solution.

Adding PARANOID to your endpoint security arsenal creates the strongest possible barrier against sophisticated cyber attacks to help you win the war on malware.

Counter advanced threats that bypass traditional and next generation antivirus engines by adopting the only endpoint security solution that delivers both precise visibility into a malicious activity along with the ability to actually prevent these threats from causing any damage.

This gives your business the most comprehensive defensive-in-depth protection available against the most advanced known and unknown attacks.

When it comes to responding to threats, time is of the essence and responders need visibility in depth and in real time, so they can take swift and instantaneous action by isolating potentially compromised hosts from all network activity.

The real-time prevention and response inherent in the solution provides enhanced visibility that enables security teams to immediately understand the threats they are dealing with and remediate them directly, while creating zero impact on network performance.

To find out more about our comprehensive set of cyber security solutions, get in touch with our team of network specialists today.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats - Powerful Protection for Your Business

Paranoid’s Endpoint Prevention and Response is a new technology that amplifies the traditional anti-virus approach, giving your business the ultimate security solution that stays ahead of today’s ever-changing threats.

Imagine the comfort of knowing that you can finally protect your sensitive data and keep breaches from disrupting business operations, damaging your brand and resulting in financial loss.

Detection of threats

No additional staffing requirements

Protection against fileless attacks

Protection from threats

Protection against application vulnerabilities & Zero-days

Lightweight server protection

Get in touch with our team of firewall specialists today and keep your business secure for the future.

Why Choose Syscomm?

Understanding network security is complicated and protecting against a cyber-attack is hard to do, particularly while having to focus on all the other issues involved in running a business.

We have broad and deep experience in network security, with an extensive history of managing complex networks that are dependent upon the underlying security design. Designing the network and firewall environment together is critical to ensure that all traffic flows observe appropriate security policies.

At Syscomm we take firewalling and perimeter security seriously, and have an extensive amount of experience in design, build and operation of security platforms. The services we offer are tailored and designed to every use case based upon business, application or compliancy requirements.
From our experience, we know that one range of products, or even a single vendor, doesn’t necessarily offer the best fit for all use cases. This is where our in-depth knowledge of firewalling can ensure that organisational requirements are exceeded.

We’ve invested heavily in skills from leading security vendors meaning that our security team is accredited across many of the leading security vendors.

We’ve created managed firewall solutions that cover your whole network – from design and installation, through to 24/7 proactive monitoring and support – our range of solutions are designed to meet all your business’ needs. Syscomm will help establish, maintain, and modify firewall rules, monitor your network, and provide feedback, reports, and analysis.

We have broad experience from serving customers across multiple industries such as Construction, Retail and Manufacturing along with public sector institutions like Education.

We’re next-generation network experts with a long history of managing complex networks that are hugely dependent on security capability. Designing the network and firewall environment together is critical to ensure that all traffic flows observe appropriate security policies.

To avoid costly data breaches and cyber attacks, get in touch with our team and we’ll set you up with a managed service firewall that you can rely on.