Hassle-free superfast fibre-optic broadband – choose a reliable FTTC internet connection from Syscomm that won’t cost the earth.

Speeds that match the pace of your business

Superfast business broadband delivers the fibre speeds that match the pace of your business, meeting the connectivity requirements of a demanding organisation. Syscomm customers benefit from a secure, cost-effective and high-capacity network, enabling your team to get their work done quicker and create a more efficient company. At Syscomm, we can set you up with the best FTTC broadband package – keeping you connected, keeping you secure, keeping you in touch.

Our superfast broadband uses fibre optic technology to give your business superfast speeds.  With an average download speed of 76Mbps, you’ll be able to even more online. Your business runs on information, so an effective data network is integral to its performance. The amount of work your people can do and the experience your customers receive all depend on the speed, quality and flexibility of your network. FTTC is a good choice for small businesses looking at upgrading their broadband service.

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Will FTTC internet benefit my business?

Connectivity is a business must. When you send an email, share a file or make a call, it’s internet access to your own private network that makes it all possible. Whatever you want to do better as a business, the first step is getting your connectivity right.  Syscomm’s FTTC service provides an ‘always on’ broadband connection, ideal for smaller locations and remote users as either their primary connectivity or as a perfect backup solution.


Get superfast speeds - we guarantee reliable broadband speeds, monitoring and optimising our network so that you get the speeds you expect, all day, everyday


We offer a range of contract terms, from 12 months to 5 years.  Stay in control of your package and choose the option that suits you best. And our prices are guaranteed for the length of your contract!

Unlimited data

Browse, stream and download as much as you need - we won’t charge you extra.


Our free UK-based technicians are on hand to keep everything running smoothly.  We don’t use premium rate lines and our support is absolutely free of charge and unlimited, provided by professional and friendly teams that are there to ensure you receive a hassle-free service.

What Is FTTC Broadband?

FTTC is a superfast fibre broadband internet service that uses a mix of fibre optic and traditional copper telephone lines to connect businesses to a service provider like Syscomm. Fibre runs from the telecom provider’s core network to your nearest cabinet (the roadside box) from which the fibre is connected to copper lines, and connected to your business premises.

FTTC provides a much faster and more reliable connection than DSL, making it a good choice for businesses that need a stable connection with better download and upload speeds.

A single FTTC connection can deliver up to 76Mbps download speeds and around 20Mbps upload speeds. This improved bandwidth means that businesses can support more users, take advantage of VoIP technologies, stream, and share files with ease using superfast FTTC broadband.

Over 95% of the UK can get access to FTTC, making it one of the most popular ways to get connected to a fibre-optic network. It’s competitively priced, provides superfast speeds, and is tried and tested, making it an ideal solution across a range of small businesses.

For small and medium businesses, our FTTC internet gives you the freedom to work from the cloud, taking advantage of hosted VoIP telephony, video conferencing, and provides your customers with the quality service they need. Our fibre optic broadband deals and packages are designed with your business in mind, and we can tailor what we offer to suit you, making this a perfect internet solution for SME’s.  

 FTTC technology has been rolled out extensively across the UK, with many residential areas using it alongside business parks, industrial estates, and commercial city centres. If you’re thinking of upgrading, we’ll use a broadband availability checker to test for fibre availability in your area before you make any big decisions. Our internet packages can help improve your business productivity and customer experience with a superfast, secure and reliable fibre broadband service.

Our dedicated team of network specialists will set you up with the best fibre optic connection available in your area, ensuring we do everything we can to support your business needs by delivering a high-performance, cost-effective superfast broadband solution.

female employee working on a desktop computer in her office, she is enjoying the fast broadband speeds allowed by FTTC

Switch to FTTC today and start building a business that's ready for the future.

How Does FTTC Internet Work?

FTTC stands for ‘Fibre-optic to the Cabinet’, and it involves a full fibre-optic line from the FTTC provider to the FTTC cabinet locations set up in your local area. From this street cabinet, a copper line is then used to connect the broadband line to your business.

Our FTTC broadband services at Syscomm can give you speeds from 38Mbps up to 76Mbps downstream, and 20Mbps upstream, making it fast enough to power your small or medium business’ connectivity needs.

However, not all businesses can get the fastest speeds – as the length of the phone line connection between the street cabinet and your premise will impact on the service. The closer your business is located to the cabinet on the street, the better your speeds will be.

Syscomm will monitor your router every minute of every day so that we can be sure your fibre to cabinet broadband is operating to its full capabilities, and we’ll be alerted if there’s any degradation on the line that could affect your service. In this way, we don’t just leave you in the dark after installing your FTTC; instead, we’ll be by your side as your business expands and changes, making sure your broadband grows with you.

Upgrade features

We can add a number of upgrade features to your basic Superfast Business Fibre broadband, giving you the ultimate in peace of mind. These include:

  • 24/7 Pro-active Monitoring and Alerting (additional cost)
  • 8 hour Business-class SLA (additional cost)
  • VoIP Traffic Prioritisation (additional cost)
  • Fully managed firewall (additional cost)

Line rental is required in order to supply the service (£12/ month)

If you want our IT experts to set your business up with superfast FTTC internet, give us a call today and we’ll sort out exactly what you need.

young engineer moving cables around on the fibre to the cabinet internet connection which produces reliably high speeds

Why Choose Fibre to the Cabinet Broadband?

Now you know exactly what FTTC is, let’s see how it compares to other broadband options. 

The two main fibre broadband solutions are FTTC and FTTP – Fibre to the Premises Business Broadband Provider. The difference with FTTP – which Syscomm can also install for you – is that it uses fibre-optic lines for both connections; from the carrier network to the cabinet, and then directly to the end-user. This makes FTTP considerably faster than FTTC, much more reliable and not subject to the same distance restrictions associated with FTTC. An FTTP broadband connection enables businesses to reach speeds of up to 1Gbps, making it a more suitable solution for larger businesses.

Compared to other business internet solutions, standard SLA’s for FTTC are not particularly stringent  (although they can be purchased at an additional upgrade cost), which can be a problem for any business that relies heavily on a reliable ‘always-on’ superfast network connection.

There’s also G.fast internet, which uses your existing copper infrastructure, but, by changing the way broadband signals are transmitted, can deliver speeds of up to 330Mbps over your current copper line. G.fast is currently being rolled out across the UK and may not be in your area. Get in touch with one of our broadband team and we can let you know if G.fast is in your area. Find out more about G Fast Broadband.

Syscomm also offers a range of other resilient, secure data connections and multi-site networking solutions such as leased lines, MPLS Network and SD WAN.

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Why Choose Syscomm?

At Syscomm, we’re dedicated to helping businesses just like yours grow and flourish. We know that IT has become the backbone of modern businesses, and you need reliable support backed by a team you can trust, which is exactly where we come in. 

Not only can we offer a broad range of broadband solutions which are scalable, dependable and resilient – whether it’s dedicated internet access for your business-critical processes, or cost-effective connectivity for backup – your business will benefit from being able to access our entire infrastructure portfolio of services.  

We have 100% control of our entire solution portfolio. We own our data centres, the core network, cloud infrastructure, and the entire solutions portfolio that sit across them. This means we deliver a reliable service, giving you complete confidence in our delivery.

If you think you need help finding the right broadband for your business, or have questions about any of our other core services, ask one of our specialists today and let us show you why we deliver exceptional service as standard.