Get control of content and automate business processes

M-Files is a unique intelligent information management solution that improves how businesses secure, process and manage data and content, be it documents, images, emails, customer information, or other information objects.

No more content chaos

Frustrated at looking for documents and files in a myriad of different repositories and systems? And either never finding exactly the right document, or having spent too much time finding it.

With the M-Files intelligent information management solution, this need no longer be a problem.

M-Files is built on three pillars: it’s metadata based, repository neutral, and intelligent.

That means that you can find data based on what it is, not where it’s stored.  This allows you to find information in context automatically, regardless of its system of origin.

And it’s simple to install.  There is no need to worry about data migration – your can keep everything exactly where it is and use M-Files to access it instantly.

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How will M-Files benefit my business?

M-Files connects to all your data repositories. You can browse information from multiple locations based on what it is and easily see how it’s related to other content.  No longer do you have to continuously be switching between different systems and user interfaces.

In M-Files, information is found based on metadata that puts information in context, without duplicating the actual data or document. You can manage all types of content from structured data to documents and metadata.

M-Files even analyses the imported documents and suggests correct metadata tags for it using artificial intelligence!

Because all your files are tagged with metadata based on what they are, the same information can be searched for and found using different criteria depending on the use case.

Search by document name, customer, document type, keyword, and more. M‑Files even searches inside documents to make sure you can easily find anything you’re looking for. And you can be sure what you found is the correct latest version. There is no duplicate data as the content is not copied to all the different places it is relevant in, but rather found in context.

As a result, M‑Files always shows you the latest approved version, while automatically storing version history, making it easy to revert to an earlier version if needed.

The amount of enterprise data is exploding and navigating endlessly through different systems/locations for documents negatively impact productivity.

Documents and content are stored in a growing number of different repositories, including email, network folders, SharePoint, CRM and ERP systems. It is hard to manage the abundance of data in these disconnected systems and a lot of time and effort are wasted locating the right document.
In addition, there are multiple different interfaces within these systems, slowing user adoption, and further decreasing efficiency and productivity.

The chaos cannot simply be solved by adding yet another traditional repository or system. You need a solution that will unify the user experience across these repositories and help users find the right data at the right time and in the right context.

M-Files is an intelligent solution that connects to all your data repositories. You can browse information from multiple locations based on what it is and see how it’is related to other content instead of continuously switching between different systems and user interfaces.

M-Files is so versatile, that, users can either use the M-Files user interface or continue using their familiar solution for managing related content and documents.

Data migration is an enormous project that consumes a lot of resources and time. With M-Files, you no longer need to migrate data.

M-Files offers visibility across all systems and repositories, whether in the Cloud or on premises, bringing your information together into one view. In fact, you can choose to keep your legacy data where it is currently stored, and still enjoy the benefits of finding all information in one system.

The most familiar way to store and find information is in file folders.  But this often creates problems in actually finding the necessary information.

M-Files is driven by metadata, and does not store information in folders, yet allows users to retain the familiarity of traditional file folders with Virtual folders. These virtual folders are automatically built based on common metadata.

In truth, there is only one copy of the item, which is seen in these virtual folder views that is relevant for the task at hand. This makes it very easy for those who are used to using the folder tree structure to locate information.

Collaborating in projects with co-workers, suppliers, partners and others in a unified, managed way can be a challenge. With M-Files, however, you can easily manage all the documents and the whole lifecycle of your business processes with internal and external parties. You focus on your business while M-Files automates your processes.

With M-Files, simply share a link to the material, and the recipients will be able to complete tasks that have been assigned to them.

Cooperation and collaboration is only efficient when common workflows and processes are applied. With M-Files, you can organise documents, CAD drawings, emails, and other material by project, project phase, customer, owner, or any other attribute.

You can route content via workflows to ensure that employees and external stakeholders adhere to processes, deadlines and regulations.

Even better, M-Files captures all the changes to the version history and furnishes a complete audit trail of changes.

Compliance can be hard to achieve without automated tools that help you keep track of changes and create a full audit trail. M-Files automates compliance so that you can sleep better at night.

Whether it’s GDPR, ISO 9001 or other laws and regulations you need to comply with, managing information and related workflows in accordance with those rules is a critical part of running your business. Noncompliance can be expensive, and even endanger business continuity.

M-Files helps reduce the risk of non-compliance by organising, recording and automating everything in your business.

Get detailed information from the system view and reports, escalate pending actions and get instant notifications about any changes automatically. Stay on top of the assigned document learning tasks and issue actions to mitigate identified risks.

M-Files enables you to keep track of the assigned actions, per audit, department, workflow state or any other defined property. Every action is stored to an audit trail.

With this ability to have real-time information regarding documentation updates, preparation time for audits is diminished, communication is improved, and corrective actions are not neglected.

No business is the same. And, the use cases for information management should not be the same either. M-Files lets you configure the platform or use templates to support general use cases.

Additionally, several add-ins and APIs help you configure it just the way you need to. Whether you want to visualise existing data, add more editing capabilities, or integrate M-Files into existing business systems, M-Files add-ins offer an easy way to customise M-Files.

Working with content in Microsoft Office is easy because M-Files integrates tightly with Microsoft Office. Access data vaults with standard file commands such as Open and Save As.

You can also eliminate unnecessary recreation of documents with M-Files document templates. Quickly create a template that will fill in information automatically for commonly-used documents. M-Files template features and Microsoft Office combine to save significant amounts of time usually spent recreating frequently-used documents.

You can eliminate costly mistakes with the use of templated, standardised content and save even more time by automatically inserting that standard data into your templates.

The future of Intelligent Information Management

M-Files is a unique intelligent information management solution that improves how businesses secure, process and manage data and content across their organisation – be it documents, images, emails, customer information, or other information objects. M-Files bridges the gap between structured business data and unstructured information.

M-Files organises and manages information based on ‘what’ it is, rather than ‘where’ it’s stored on the company network. Regardless of whether that information resides in the M-Files platform, or across other systems and repositories, it can be accessed and managed through a single view, without requiring costly and time-consuming data migration projects.

M-Files can provide connections to network drives, Microsoft and Google apps, as well as major business applications and other document management systems.

M-Files lets you accelerate digital business transformation by breaking down silos in separate applications, systems and repositories, giving your business end-to-end automation that improves customer experience.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, M-Files distinguishes business-critical data from clutter and allows users to focus on the information that most matters to them.

As a result, organisations can manage information more efficiently and more securely. This allows employees to be more flexible and productive in their work while still adhering to guidelines and regulations, helping the business gain a competitive advantage while maintaining regulatory compliance.

M-Files is an intelligent information management solution that consistently receives high praise for usability from customers. This ease of use does not come at the expense of rich functionality – M-Files offers state-of-the-art functionality for all document-related processes.

Moreover, M-Files is quick and easy to deploy because it does not require data migration from your existing systems. The configuration is simple, and the system is always up-to-date thanks to automatic updates.

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M-Files can streamline operations in many different industry sectors.

Choose the one you are interested in and see how M-Files can help organising, accessing and archiving information.

Construction projects are big, complex and often fragmented.  And the trend for them is to become ever more so. Every project consists of loads of paper and digital documents, typically stored in multiple archives that are not integrated with each other.

As such, it can be difficult to keep projects on track…which of these blueprints is the most recent? What job is this invoice for? How many people are trained to operate that particular machine and when was their training completed?

Collecting information to answer these questions takes time and resources, causing unnecessary delays, deferring the time the company gets paid, and negatively impacting profitability.

M-Files brings together documents from different sources, allowing complete visibility on project status and information. The most recent version of construction documents will be available at any time, making it faster, for example, to answer RFIs or follow-up to submittals.

Automatic notifications are sent when an action is required, avoiding the project from stalling. And checking information from past projects to help inform future bids is made much simpler.

In short, M-Files gives complete visibility on documents and processes, empowering companies to deliver construction projects on time, within budget and safely.

Manufacturing companies are operating in very uncertain times. A bewildering array of tariffs, volatile commodity prices and the increase in the demand for more customised products are all factors adding to the complexity of today’s manufacturing process.

Making the right decision at the right time is critical to growing the business. Where should we buy this sub-assembly from? Where are the certificates for this part? How does the customer want their products shipped?

The information needed to answer these questions is usually scattered in different places. Finding and processing it is inefficient and slow, and as a result, opportunities (and customers) could be lost.

Moreover, changes in demand means that the need to keep sourcing flexible, making manufacturing more complex. And finding the right information at the right time to make decisions can be challenging.

Where is the quote for a specific order? What are the most recent specs? M-Files brings together documents about jobs, customers and suppliers from different archives without the hassle of lengthy and costly implementations.

Client expectations have changed. They want a collaborative relationship with critical insight and information on tap, when they need it, wherever they happen to be.

The right information management solution can be the difference between an exceptional customer experience or losing them to a competitor. M-Files eliminates obstacles that prevent your employees from serving the customer best.

Financial Services companies have seen unprecedented changes in their industry.

Customers’ expectations have shifted. They demand personal products that match micro-needs as well as major life events. At the same time, they have become accustomed to lower and more transparent pricing.

Having access to the right information to make decisions on what to offer and when can make the difference between providing your customer exceptional experience or losing them to a competitor.

Furthermore, as regulators shift their attention to how companies operate, demonstrating proper practices throughout the organisation in a timely manner is critical to avoiding heavy fines and disrupted operations.

M-Files digitally tracks all information related to your key business processes, so that should an audit come, it is very easy to compile the needed data and follow-up to any auditor requests.

M-Files brings together documents stored in different archives, both digital and physical. It is the single point of access where all information about your customers can be organised, safely stored, and accessed when needed.

By breaking down silos around local and global branches, channels and processes, M-Files is the tool your employees need to serve your customers.

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