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Cybersecurity is a continuous battle

Cybersecurity is a continuous battle, where criminals are constantly developing new ways to compromise or evade detection by security systems. In a business world that’s becoming more digitally complex, the risk associated with intrusion, data loss and system integrity is increasingly high.

Attackers constantly scan company networks from the outside, looking for ways to infiltrate into your systems and damage or steal your data. Scanning your network traffic to spot them and stop them is a crucial cybersecurity measure.

Understanding network security is complicated and protecting against a cyberattack is hard to do whilst juggling all the other issues involved in running a business. Our Managed Firewall Service gives you comprehensive protection against cyberattacks, without the need to manage it internally.

The cost of a security breach to an SME can cause significant disruption to that business and the onward supply chain. Research by the National Cyber Security Centre found that almost half (43%) of British SMEs admit to having no business continuity, disaster recovery or crisis management plans in place, despite almost the same number of UK businesses (46%) suffering at least one cyber security breach or attack.

To counter modern threats, we use next generation firewall technology that conducts deep level packet inspection to detect even the most sophisticated attacks. Its analysis detects threats within data and files by understanding what is in the network packets as they travel into your network.

You need protection and security for your business at the perimeter to ensure that your entire IT system runs smoothly, day in, day out. A fully managed firewall from Syscomm provides all of this and more, at a price that’s realistic and affordable.

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Security Solutions

As attacks evolve to evade the protection of traditional firewalls, businesses need security solutions that safely enable business applications. Syscomm’s managed firewall services are the first line of defence against malicious attacks, providing advanced levels of security for your business network.

Safe & Secure

As a company, keeping your network and environment safe and secure is vital in order to maintain the trust of your clients and to grow your business. Failure to proactively maintain the security and availability of essential data can threaten the very existence of your business. And a state-of-the-art firewall is the frontline of defence against these (and future) cyberattacks.

Specialist providers

We are a specialist managed firewall service provider. Syscomm’s managed firewall services remove the complexity associated with managing a range of security products and add-ons, ensuring your security solutions are correctly integrated. We design, install, configure and take care of the day-to-day management of your firewall solution.

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Managed Firewall Security Services - Why You Need Them

The increase in the number of dispersed networks, remote workforces, BYOD, the internet of things (IoT), and ongoing Cloud adoption bring new security challenges to today’s businesses.

In a recent survey, almost half of respondents stated that managing complex networks is their number-one challenge.

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Both site-to-site and site-to-cloud represent major security challenges.

Rapid network expansion leads to an increasing number of additional security concerns.

Today, network firewalls must do more than just secure your network. They must also ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications.

Syscomm offers a family of physical, virtual, and cloud-based appliances that protect and enhance your dispersed network infrastructure.

Scalable centralised management and an advanced security analytics platform help you reduce administrative overhead while defining and enforcing granular policies across your entire WAN.

Counter advanced threats that bypass traditional antivirus engines with Syscomm’s tightly integrated firewall technologies, including application profiling, intrusion prevention, web filtering, advanced threat and malware protection, antispam, and full-fledged network access control.

Reduce line costs, increase overall network availability, improve site-to-site connectivity, and ensure uninterrupted access to applications hosted in the Cloud, thanks to Syscomm’s highly resilient VPN technology combined with intelligent traffic management and WAN optimisation capabilities.

Fully leverage the benefits of SaaS and Cloud services with simple, automated deployment, configuration, and management. Purpose-built for dispersed networks and cloud environments, our managed firewall services make cloud deployments straightforward. Effortlessly roll out hardware to remote sites that lack qualified IT personnel with ‘zero-touch deployment’.

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Common firewall management failures

Our security analysts often encounter serious security risks in the field related to improper firewall configuration and management. Here are a few of the issues we have found over the years:

Multiple firewalls

Even a single firewall requires regular maintenance and daily monitoring: you need to review rule sets, patch firmware, and update configuration--this work is multiplied with each unique firewall placed within an environment. When there are multiple firewalls and staffing is either insufficient or lack the critical skills required to maintain them, serious security issues can be overlooked, resulting in the loss or compromise of critical data.

No firewall auditing

Firewall auditing, where a company regularly checks and audits their firewall rules is often left undone. One benefit of choosing Syscomm to provide your Managed Firewall service is that we perform regular firewall audits as a primary element of our core services.

Misunderstanding how firewalls work

There are concepts in firewall management that not all IT personnel are familiar with. For example, not securing the 'demilitarized zone' (DMZ) leaves the network exposed and vulnerable to external hacking activity.

Inexperience and lack of oversight

IT personnel are often expected to just ‘make things work’. There is tremendous pressure to keep systems up and running for day-to-day business operation, which can result in careless or risky configurations.

Firewall not PCI DSS compliant

Be sure to look for a service provider that is PCI compliant because if they are not, your business may be considered non-compliant.

Firewall security gaps are the rule

Our security analysts' experiences in the field reveal that firewall misconfigurations and security gaps are the rule, rather than the exception.

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Why choose Syscomm?

The way companies use IT systems has evolved at a rapid pace. From the Internet of Things and Bring Your Own Device, to the rise of Cloud-based Apps and a 24/7 connectivity culture, todays IT infrastructure has significantly changed – and so has the security needed to protect it. Now, businesses are exposed to more cyber threats than ever, and your data is at a constant risk of being breached.

Understanding network security is complicated and protecting against a cyber-attack is hard to do, particularly while having to focus on all the other issues involved in running a business. The cost of a security breach to an SME can cause significant disruption to your business. Syscomm offers a variety of dedicated and virtual, managed, and co-managed firewall solutions that free you from the resource-intensive work of maintaining your firewall.

At Syscomm we take firewalls and perimeter security seriously, and have an extensive amount of experience in design, build and operation of security platforms. The services we offer are tailored and designed to every use case based upon business, application or compliancy requirements.

From our experience, we know that one range of products, or even a single vendor, doesn’t necessarily offer the best fit for all use cases. This is where our in-depth knowledge of firewalling can ensure that organisational requirements are exceeded.

We’ve created managed firewall solutions that cover your whole network – from design and installation, through to 24/7 proactive monitoring and support – our range of solutions are designed to meet all your business’ needs. Syscomm will help establish, maintain, and modify firewall rules, monitor your network, and provide feedback, reports, and analysis.

We’re network experts with a long history of managing complex networks that are hugely dependent on security capability. Designing the network and firewall environment together is critical to ensure that all traffic flows observe appropriate security policies.

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Managed Firewall Solutions Features and Benefits

Our Managed Firewall service provides a centralised, secure environment that enables you to monitor operations quickly and efficiently without losing focus on your business. Take advantage of aggregated threat intelligence that can only be delivered from a managed IT service provider with the experience that Syscomm has.

Services typically include features such as:

24x7x365 Proactive monitoring of key device metrics, availability, health and configuration

Creation and configuration of VPNs

Backup of policies and hardware configuration

Helpdesk with remote support and proactive incident management

Alerting and application of critical patches

Annual Operating System upgrade

A customer Management portal

Monthly Executive Summary reports

Robust firewall options for every need: Multiple firewall service options include delivery inside the network, at your premises, at our data centres, or completely virtual in the cloud. Other options include co-managed, fully managed, and monitored using next generation firewall technologies.

Complete network security in a single integrated service

Tailored consulting to help you select the right firewall solution for your needs

Custom configuration for installing and managing firewall systems according to your specific requirements

Device provisioning, implementation, and integration with existing systems, locations and networks

Regular device management, upgrades and patch management

Secure online portal, allowing access to customisable logs, activities and reports

Network and port address translation (NAT) and VPN support

Real-time health monitoring and definition updates enables expert response to threats and health issues

Weekly firewall activity reports based on log file analysis

Remedy gaps in your security team's skills. Sysomm has specialist professionals on staff with experience in security practices across a broad range of industries

Scalable solutions that are able to meet the security needs as your business grows

Protect your organisation against a wide range of network attacks

Cost effective solutions that require no capital outlay. Hardware and maintenance costs are bundled into a single affordable all-inclusive monthly charge

Management includes complete implementation and integration from installation and configuration to ongoing management and routine updates

Increase productivity and ensure excellent network performance by blocking cyberattacks and other malicious activities

We offer a number of leading technologies to deliver both firewall and site-to-site VPN capabilities

Syscomm - a Dedicated Internet Access Provider

We have broad and deep experience in network security, with an extensive history of managing complex networks that are dependent upon the underlying security design. Designing the network and firewall environment together is critical to ensure that all traffic flows observe appropriate security policies.

We manage hundreds of security devices and make thousands of changes per year to keep them running optimally.

We’ve invested heavily in skills for leading security vendors such as Fortigate and our security team is accredited across many of the leading security vendors.

Our management service includes our award-winning monitoring and management platform that has been designed with the needs of network security management in mind.

We have broad experience from serving customers across multiple industries such as Construction, Retail and Manufacturing along with public sector institutions like Education.

To avoid costly data breaches and cyber attacks, get in touch with our team and we’ll set you up with a managed service firewall that you can rely on.