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The enterprise wireless network landscape has changed significantly as the demand for mission critical, high-capacity, high-performance networking has grown.

Coverage, capacity, mobility, security and redundancy

The expectations placed upon integrated wired and wireless LAN infrastructures calls for solutions that are capable of providing the coverage, capacity, mobility, security and redundancy to keep your organisation operational at all times.

With the increasing need for regular information and technology updates, businesses are becoming more reliant on the Wireless Enterprise network. Online commerce, enterprise mobility, cloud solutions and unified communication all require data to be delivered to people faster than ever before, increasingly over a wireless connection. Moreover, high availability and speed of delivery for business-critical applications is now the largest driver for network investment. In this new, digital world, where the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have created a world of virtual connectivity, it’s vital you’re enabling the potential of your enterprise network.

The demands of the modern network have changed dramatically in the last few years. Offices that used to be dominated by wired PCs have been transformed into environments where wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones are as important to users as desktops. Industrial strength wireless technology is rapidly becoming critical with the rise of IoT and machine-to-machine communication. And all too often, these changes have not been planned and are putting huge pressure on wireless networks designed for a previous era. This means users get slow, unreliable, unresponsive and insecure wireless connectivity.

In addition, as businesses become more complex and increasingly reliant on operations-critical real-time communications technology, organisations are beginning to recognise that wireless technology can be a differentiator. They understand that a high-performance, purpose-built WLAN is a critical success factor in maximising the benefits of mobility across their business, including their manufacturing, distribution and storage facilities.

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Wireless Networks for a Digital Age

Today, the entire network must be considered for an exceptional wireless outcome. Let your employees, customers, guests and students enjoy the convenience of a reliable, easy-to-access wireless network with our wireless network solutions. Support business outcomes, keep your network up and running, protect your data and reduce the reduce risk of sub-optimal networks with our infrastructure solutions.

You don’t simply need a WLAN; you need the right WLAN. Designing and rolling out a network is no longer as simple as asking how many square feet you need to cover and factoring in the type of construction materials being used in your building and then calculating how many access points you’ll need. Today you need to know much more. How many users will be on the network? How many and what kinds of devices will they be using? Which applications will your network have to support today and in the future? How will the equipment, assets, and materials that move within and throughout your industrial environments affect your network?

Innovate and open up a world of opportunities with an enterprise WiFi network that works for your business

Enterprise Wireless Network  Supporting Reliable Mobile Connectivity in a Complex and Dynamic Environment

Wireless Connections

Everyone is connected and it’s usually through wireless devices. This has changed the way businesses are run, creating a whole new platform to utilise IoT and BYOD, revolutionising enterprise infrastructure. In fact, more devices now connect to the wireless LAN than to the wired LAN, showing just how vital having a fully integrated Enterprise Wireless Network Solution is for your business.

Changing dynamics

Your business environment is in a constant state of change, requiring the wireless network to quickly adapt to changing dynamics. People, inventory, and equipment constantly move in and out of your network. The need for nomadic communication solutions, including seamless roaming for a wide variety of users and devices, has never been more challenging.

Machine-to-machine connections

Your optimum solution is a high-performance voice and data mobile network that empowers your employees to conduct business efficiently and productively, whether moving on foot or in a vehicle. Your network may also be providing machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity that enables higher levels of automation. As a result, you need a self-healing network that assures continuous uptime for business-critical communication and applications.

Quality User Experience

Dynamic enterprise wireless environments don’t just have to deal with a wide variety of mobile workers; they also have to accommodate an ever-increasing number of wireless devices. Different workers need different devices for different tasks. Some have powerful laptop computers, others need reliable handheld and wearable computers, barcode scanners, or RFID readers that can withstand the rigors of an industrial space.

Further complicating the issue is the growing use of employees’ personal smartphones or tablets. Your network must account for the performance limitations of these various devices, whilst having the intelligence to cope with these issues to ensure reliable connectivity under even the most challenging RF conditions.

With business processes becoming increasingly managed using WiFi, and the number of company and staff’ devices and applications being powered through wireless networks, it’s essential that every modern business has a secure, high-performance enterprise-network that they can rely on. It needs to support multiple types of users and operate concurrent services reliably and securely, making sure you can run your business efficiently. For your staff, clients, and guests, you need a robust, secure and reliable wireless-network that keeps everyone happy.

Our next generation enterprise wireless solutions are designed to provide the same level of availability that businesses have come to expect from their wired network. Our wireless infrastructure ensures that both virtual and physical controllers have resiliency built in from the start, running as active-active pairs, meaning that, should a controller happen to fail, the other controller is able to take over the full load while maintaining full access point connectivity.

If a failover does occur, within milliseconds your service will be up and running, virtually without interruption to existing or new client connections. Additionally, if there is a WAN failure between the ExtremeWireless access points and controllers, the access points will continue running without interruption to existing or new client connections. In the unlikely event of an access point failure, neighbouring access points will automatically pick up the connections from the failed access point to maintain seamless user connectivity. Continuous and seamless connectivity virtually guaranteed.

The latest generation of 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Points can deliver multi-gigabit wireless performance, and when implemented professionally by our experienced team can provide the coverage, capacity, security and redundancy you need. You’ll have a wireless network that’s suitable for the challenges of today’s digital world and can open up your business to new possibilities and potential, supporting your business well into the future.

The time is now to make sure your wireless network is truly performing as it should be.

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Monitor and Manage Your Wireless Network and Devices in Real Time

To reap maximum value from today’s highly complex systems, it’s imperative to have real-time management of your network components, your devices and your applications.

Whether you’re in an office, a hospital, a warehouse or other supply chain environment, downtime is always the enemy. Your network must be able to proactively react to any issue and provide system wide security that guards against intrusion and the growing risk of cyberattacks. Ultimately, effective management demands centralised visibility and control of your entire system – including WiFi infrastructure, mobile devices, scanners, readers, sensors and applications – that provide the reliability and redundancy your business needs.

Syscomm can provide the integrated security, management and troubleshooting tools that decrease the complexity and risks of building and maintaining your enterprise-wide network. We offer an ideal partnership as experts in mission- and business-critical wireless communications, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on your core business while we concentrate on planning, provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimising your network and devices.

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Enterprise Wireless Network Security from Syscomm

Securing the modern wireless environment is complex. Threats can come from a variety of sources – some deliberate and malicious, others accidental or careless. Devices connect to the wireless network over which IT departments and network administrators have limited or no jurisdiction and are changing all the time. Today a cybersecurity breach can not only bring down your network, it can bring down the business. With a well-designed wireless network, you can easily mitigate the security challenges – for example, those that BYOD brings to the business – making it easier for staff, clients and guests to have secure access to your robust network.

Strong security (802.11i), spectrum analysis, remediation, location, authentication, authorisation and accounting are table stakes in today’s mission critical WiFi networks. Syscomm uses ExtremeWireless to take this one step further by providing role-based policy enforcement. Once a user / device has authenticated a policy that has been centrally defined, it is pushed to an ExtremeWireless access point and enforced locally, distributing intelligence to the network edge. Any given policy can provide very granular control over what that user/device has access to. The policy is not tied to a VLAN – it is associated with the user/device and will follow that user/device as they roam throughout the network. Additionally, a policy can change dynamically for the same user based on location, device type and/or time of day.

Syscomm’s enterprise wireless solutions enhances security across wired, wireless and IoT environments, delivering integrated and automated compliance checks, threat detection, intelligence and mitigation from the time of user and device onboarding until the completion of the session.

Moreover, defining a policy once means that it will operate seamlessly across both the WiFi and wired network, providing uniform security enforcement. In addition, with increasing security regulations in both public and enterprise WiFi deployments, ExtremeWireless analytics provides a complete set of logs & reports from its ‘single-pane of glass’ management control centre, such as user browsing histories and all authentication related events.

We are specialists in planning, designing, and installing secure wireless enterprise networks for businesses. Whether you’re a small, single office, or part of a larger business, we can set you up with the most scalable wireless solution on the market.

An large open-plan office full of connected employees using an Enterprise Wifi Network supplied by Syscomm

Deploy a Unified Corporate-Wide LAN and WLAN

Although our ExtremeWireless solution is a standalone wireless solution that can be installed into any network, additional benefits are gained by adding the Extreme Networks network management solutions such as Extreme Management Centre, Extreme Access Control. and ExtremeAnalytics™.

Over and above enabling management, application visibility and device/user control for ExtremeWireless, we can extend this capability for the rest of your network – unifying the wired/wireless network under a single centralised management console for the entire network. Managing your network has never been easier.

The reality is, virtually all corporate-wide networks are going to have something of a split personality and unifying an effective, reliable and secure wired and wireless network is always the optimal solution. The right solution is never having a complex and expensive bifurcated network – your business needs the best of both worlds – a powerful single network that can be optimised for both environments.

Although performance and reliability are paramount, the ultimate key to enhanced productivity and having a positive impact on your ROI is having unified network management capabilities. Your optimum enterprise network will provide an integrated management and control platform that enables you to monitor and maximise performance of both network environments in real-time from a single centralised command centre.

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Why Syscomm for a Wireless Network Solution?

Complete suite of wireless LAN products providing highly scalable, secure voice and data performance.

Flexible deployment models enable economical and easy-to-manage configurations, whether you need to deploy WLAN in a large facility, a medium sized building, or multiple branch offices across the world.

Ability to design, deploy and manage a fully integrated wired and wireless solution –using award-winning switches, comprehensive security, operational intelligence.

Simplify your network via a fabric-enabled architecture that automates provisioning and eliminates repetitive manual configuration.

Deliver end-to-end network security that contains breaches and stops hackers in their tracks.

Provide network intelligence with a 360-degree view for faster time to service, enhanced agility, and increased efficiency.

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