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Running a multi-site business?

If you’re running a multi-site business, you know the stress a WAN connectivity outage can cause. 

All of a sudden, your internet goes down, and your business is losing money by the minute—while everybody is looking to you for answers.

Frantic calls to your vendor leave you talking to unhelpful support staff who don’t seem to know anything, and who don’t have the authority to escalate.

…and somehow, with all these problems, your WAN service still costs you a fortune!

office staff in a modern building working at their computers whilst enjoying the benefits of their MPLS network

Struggling to find something better?

There’s a reason why it’s so hard to find a good MPLS vendor, and why most vendors charge you so much.

It’s because most MPLS vendors don’t actually own a network. They don’t have their own data centres, or the ability to choose which leased lines their services run from. 

Most of the time, they’re re-selling you another company’s services and adding a tiny mark-up on top. That’s why the support staff in many companies are unhelpful—they’re often junior-level employees on low wages.

When the support staff are skilled, they still have to escalate support requests through a long chain of suppliers. Your local IT firm might care deeply about your business, but they can only speak to low-level staff in the next supply chain layer.

Tired of the telecoms monopoly over-charging you?

The telecoms giants at the top know that your MPLS choices are limited—and they take advantage by pushing up prices.

Most MPLS network vendors will get you locked into contracts with a single fibre optics provider, like BT or Virgin. So when it’s time to expand your network, the provider—and the vendor—can charge you whatever they want. The problems don’t end there. Being locked into a single provider means if there’s an outage in their network, it has a knock-on effect for your entire network. 

It’s no wonder MPLS has a bad reputation.

But in reality, MPLS technology itself is sound and reliable; it’s the business models around it that work against you. You need an MPLS provider that isn’t bound to the telecoms giants—and that isn’t simply making a fast buck by reselling other vendors’ services. And that’s where we can help.

a Syscomm employee holding a laptop and looking into the office telecoms which are routed using a MPLS network service

MPLS network features

We cut out the middle men to offer you reliable MPLS, without the inflated prices.

Unlike the majority of MPLS Network providers, we have our own networks and our own data centres. We’re not reselling other vendors’ services, and we’re not bound to any single telecoms provider—so we’re uniquely equipped to lower your MPLS network cost.

We can offer you:

Access to a core network that has had 100% uptime since 2015. Our Extreme Fabric Backbone network technology delivers flawless connectivity.

Guaranteed connection quality with legally-bound SLAs. Our standard contracts mean that if you experience downtime, we owe you money.

Lower costs, better lines. With direct access to telecoms providers and no middle men, we select the right tails for your network with no extra mark-up.

And end-to-end service for data, cloud, backup, voice and more. We harness 30+ years of experience to support your business IT needs.

How our MPLS network design safeguards your network connectivity

Tails selected from multiple providers for optimal performance. We’re not tied into any one provider, and we lease lines directly from BT Openreach, Virgin, CityFibre, Colt and Vodafone. That means we can strategically select the right tails for you—both in terms of performance and price.

Multi-carrier aggregation helps protect you against telecom provider outages. By using tails from multiple providers, we ensure that in a worst-case scenario, a provider outage can only affect part of your network—and we have backup options for those situations too.

Backups circuits keep you prepared. To offer you even more protection, we can combine two tails from different providers at your key sites, giving you both primary and backup circuits.

Automatic re-routing in case of network outages. Fabric technology allows us to instantly detect any outages and automatically re-direct traffic—all in a fraction of a second, so your connection stays stable.

How our MPLS network monitoring and proactive support ensure you can always get answers

24/7 proactive monitoring, we-call-you support. We provide you with on-site routers and monitor the connections from our Network Operations Centre. If we detect a loss in connection, we call you to offer help—even if we can see the problem is with your local network.

15-minute response times with fast escalation. If you raise a support request, or if our proactive monitoring detects a problem, we call you within 15 minutes.

Custom network monitoring dashboard.  We give you access to our monitoring systems, so you can quickly see our network status at any time.

Syscomm is one of the UK’s foremost IT support specialists, with 30+ years of industry experience

We work hard to offer you MPLS network management at a fair price for good reason—we’d like to be your long term IT partner. Talk to us today to find out how we can support your business.

What are our clients saying?


How does Syscomm managed MPLS compare to SD-WAN?

While many companies present SD-WAN as a low-cost alternative to MPLS, we’d like to offer a different perspective. 

It’s true that SD-WAN gives you the means to achieve a private network without setting up multiple VPNs. However, there is a big and often-ignored problem with SD-WAN. Many companies, when setting up SD-WAN networks, simply go out and buy the cheapest internet connections they can find. This means that while your internet service appears cheaper, it’s based on consumer-grade connections that aren’t reliable for business use.

In addition, SD-WAN systems are generally not able to prioritise any traffic. So when your company is doing activities that require a lot of bandwidth—such as video calls—there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the connectivity you need. And if you have a global MPLS network, there is an even greater risk that your connection will be unstable during transatlantic calls.

Our managed MPLS service delivers the high-quality connection and prioritised traffic that SD-WAN cannot provide. We have end-to-end control of your network and can allocate bandwidth to whatever services you need. 

And because we have our own network, we charge less for MPLS than others do for SD-WAN. Surprisingly, there’s no difference between the tail circuits used in MPLS and SD-WAN. What’s different is how they’re configured. In the case of SD-WAN, they’re internet-facing, and in the case of MPLS they’re configured into our premium, private ISP Core Network.

Using MPLS means we don’t need to buy/install/configure/maintain the specialised (and often expensive) SD-WAN equipment that would be required at each of your sites. That means a lower MPLS network cost than the SD-WAN costs that you would usually pay.

How does Syscomm deliver MPLS network security?

With MPLS, you are running a private network with multiple breakout points that connect to your core network. That means your MPLS network security is stable as long as your core network is secure.

To ensure the core network stays secure, we use a pair of high availability firewalls in our data centre. This means that we have granular control over users and devices, and can identify and stop threats by examining the actual content of your traffic.

In addition, as a Syscomm client, you benefit from a security specialist that can ensure your mission-critical environments are equipped with the best protection possible.  Our specialists have experience with multiple vendors and multiple verticals, and have well-rounded knowledge of industry practice and network standards. They use this expertise to develop a custom plan for keeping your data network secure and fast.

How does Syscomm MPLS support the cloud?

MPLS is an excellent choice for companies that need cloud services. But problems typically arise when companies are using the cloud (and MPLS) through a chain of providers. For example, they connect to a local IT provider, who connects to an internet provider, who connects to a separate cloud service.

The more organisations there are in the chain, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong—and the more people you have to call when you need help. 

We make things simple by providing an end-to-end service. By using us for your local IT support, your Internet connection and your cloud services, you eliminate the ‘gaps’ in your service that make problems more likely. 

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