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Design, Installation & Maintenance of CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems & Structured Cabling

Syscomm provides security and reassurance with our range of IP CCTV and door access solutions

The last few years have seen the range of security threats facing UK businesses expand tremendously. Even as late as 5 years ago, most UK business owners did not need to think about cybersecurity threats, identity fraud or confidential data leaks. But even in today’s digitally-changed landscape, physical security remains as important as ever, as physical breaches routinely lead to data breaches, with potentially disastrous results.

In addition, theft, burglary and on-premise violence a concern. Every company that handles customer data, manages or sell goods, or which simply needs to offer a safe working environment for its employees, at minimum, needs a basic surveillance system in place and may also need to implement access control restrictions, integrating surveillance equipment, like CCTV cameras, into a more complex security system.

However, choosing and installing the right security solution is a complicated matter that few companies can handle in-house. The choices made early will have lasting consequences, not just in the form of the risks being addressed but also in the form of long-term spending on maintenance and upgrades. Because of this, who you choose to work with, what equipment you choose to deploy, and how it is implemented is an important component of your long-term security strategy.

Syscomm’s dedicated teams specialise in safety & security solutions to our clients throughout the UK, with an unparalleled reputation for service and reliability.

Intelligent security made with you in mindBelow are a range of security solutions that we offer, keeping you and your employees protected and giving you control over your safety

CCTV & Security Access Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Syscomm designs, installs & certifies all types of network and systems cabling: data cabling, voice multi-pair cabling, fibre optic cabling, CCTV Systems, Access Control & Door Entry Systems.

As a solutions company we can be your turn-key provider of all your cabling installations, safety & security systems, hardware and communications room requirements including business fibre broadband. Our expertly trained staff ensure all installations are carried out to the highest standards and are supported with a strong commitment to customer service.

We have been supporting businesses and organisations with network and security solutions for more than 35 years. Over that time, we have amassed a loyal customer base who return to us time-and-time-again as their requirements change.

The telecommunications and security markets are continuously evolving, with new technologies emerging all the time.  And our portfolio of world-class solutions is always developing too. We offer traditional and hosted services, with a choice of simple yet functional systems alongside state-of-the-art technologies to suit a range of businesses.

Surveilance Solutions

Whether installing a new video surveillance system or upgrading your existing CCTV cameras, our video surveillance specialists, installation teams and technicians offer the best in video surveillance solutions.

Access Control Systems

Syscomm can design and install a network of door access controls, keypads, readers, exit control devices and electronic strikes & locks that meet your budget and security needs.

Structured Cabling

Find the right cabling solution for your needs with our data cabling services. We work with cat5e, cat6, cat6a and cat7 data cables, Access Points, Routers and VoIP infrastructure to create powerful and versatile networks.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

We offer full preventative and reactive CCTV and security maintenance services, ensuring your planned electrical maintenance and inspections are conducted on time and efficiently.

Browse our service menu below to find out how we can help to support and drive your business forward. Talk with one of our UK network specialists today.

CCTV Installation & Maintenance

Syscomm is a specialist CCTV installer, repairer and maintenance provider, helping businesses across the UK achieve peace of mind with reliable surveillance solutions. Whether you’re a small business owner or the site manager of a large premises, we understand your priority is to ensure the security of your building, staff and occupants. We work with customers in a variety of sectors and tailors all work to the site’s specific requirements.

. A whole host of features are available to enhance the functionality and integration to your business. We specialise in designing bespoke surveillance systems to meet specific business requirements.
CCTV surveillance solutions can be used for recording activity both inside and outside your premises and can be linked to digital recording equipment and remote internet-based viewers such as tablets and mobile devices. Today’s modern IP Based CCTV cameras allow us to remotely manage camera configurations, verify alarms, and send video to mobile devises for information and verification.

Integration with access control and security can allow the CCTV system to become an extension of these systems providing even higher levels of security and easier management.

As a turnkey systems integrator, we provide complex design, installation, and integration of public security and safety systems that run over your existing internet connection. As a full-service Managed IT Support supplier, we offer a range of fibre broadband solutions that can support a n IP-based CCTV solution giving you a cost savings by using your IP network for both voice and data services.

By adding the transport of video surveillance on the existing highly available IP network, your business can realise significant cost savings from eliminating the need for a separate cable plant for both voice and video.

Moreover, not only can the wiring for media transport be consolidated, but so can the cabling for electrical power. As is the case with VoIP in the enterprise space, where the IP phone uses PoE, so do many of today’s fixed installation IP cameras.

In addition, with IP-based systems, video feeds are encoded into Motion JPEG or MPEG-4/H.264 formats and stored as a digital image on a computer disk array. This provides the ability to access surveillance video, by way of the networked digital video recorder, through the internet – at any time, from any place.

And unlike analogue recordings on magnetic tape, digital images do not degrade in quality from duplication. They can be replicated and posted on web servers, distributed to law enforcement as email attachments, and sent to news outlets.

A further benefit over analogue-based systems is that loss prevention/investigations staff no longer have to visit the location of the incident or wait for the video, tape or DVD to be shipped by overnight courier. These inefficiencies disappear with IP-based systems and WAN connectivity to the physical location.

CCTV camera systems that'll protect your property

Syscomm provides an extensive range of CCTV control equipment tailored to the individual needs of your business. We supply a wide range of dome CCTV cameras that can be commanded manually or automatically and offer multiple key functions such as auto focus, 360 degrees viewing capability and the ability to switch views at high speeds.

Our electronic security expertise extends to all disciplines represented in these security solutions, including the design and installation of underlying network infrastructures, configuration and testing of electronic security system devices (cameras and access control), and components (cable and conduit).

If you’re looking to install a new CCTV system for your business, considering upgrading your current security cameras, or require a maintenance programme for your existing system then contact us on  0247 771 2000  for a free, no obligation quotation today. Talk with one of our UK network specialists today.

Access Control Solutions for Businesses

Having effective access control systems in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, and company information. This doesn’t only mean preventing access to high security areas, it also means ensuring employees and visitors can gain access to the areas needed at the right times with minimal barriers.

We provide a complete eco-system for managing your building’s access security, We offer a range of door entry and access control security systems including key fobs, key codes, biometrics and intercoms along with providing your business with the right level of access privileges either based on Role, Group, Location or a combination of these attributes. We also allow you to easily select custom access privileges via our simple web interface.

From the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of control points, Syscomm can help with the installation and support of all your door access control requirements.

Operated by contactless smart cards, key fobs or biometrics, our Access Control solutions gives you full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of any day, placing it at the forefront of security solutions.

You can control most standard types of internal/external electronic door releases and physical security devices such as barriers and turnstiles making full use of location points, whether in full view or hidden out of sight.
Our door entry systems can be fitted with a variety of access options, including:

  • Key Fobs
  • Card Access Control Systems
  • Key Codes
  • Biometrics (fingerprints, or iris)
  • Intercoms
  • Integrated Access Control Security Systems for Doors & Barriers

All of our door entry systems can be controlled from a central system, using the latest in access control software, allowing advanced audit trails for tracking staff, as well as invalidation of key codes and fobs should they be lost, or when staff leave.

Moreover, access control systems can easily be fitted to new doors or integrated into existing systems such as automated sliding doors, barriers and gates.

Our Access Control solutions are designed to work over your corporate LAN using TCP/IP and your existing CAT5e structured cable network. Utilising Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Technology, mains outlets and power supplies at each door are not required as power is delivered down existing network cable, reducing energy bills, infrastructure requirements and installation costs.

Control of these systems via your PC offers far wider applications than just security of your premises. These can include:

  • Locate staff in event of an emergency
  • Manage access for doors, turnstiles, elevators, car parks
  • Manage the system centrally or from multiple locations
  • Manage access profiles and permissions across many sites
  • Create temporary access privileges for visitors and contractors, automatically cancelled at end of visit
  • Monitor alarms and manage response proactively or reactively
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all access events at multiple sites
  • Real-time control of premises & staff
  • Assign leaving dates for contractors, visitors and staff
  • Create specific security rules per department, position or individual employee
  • Instant alerts for propped open doors, illegal access attempts and forced entries.

The professional installations that our experienced industry experts provide offer the ideal solution for businesses and commercial organisations looking to improve their security levels. Contact us today to see how Syscomm can help secure your business.

aerial photo of an office with multiple cubicles for employees. It has a Fibre To The Premises broadband connection.

Structured Cabling

The importance of a reliable, fast and well-configured structured cabling system cannot be understated for businesses of today. As demands for faster media transfer over networks increase, the significance of your data cabling performance is drastically amplified.

It carries all of your infrastructure capabilities throughout your building. Everything is connected to it, ranging from desktops and servers, wireless access points and Unified Communications systems – all your business’ data travels through your network system, so it’s vitally important to get it right.

With years of experience, our specialists offer many types of cabling installations for virtually any environment. The design and implementation of a structured cabling infrastructure takes a lot of thought, and meticulous planning. As demands for network bandwidth increase and as systems get more complex, the design of the infrastructure gets correspondingly more difficult to plan.

Syscomm can provide a full design service for your communications network.

We look at each part of your needs and consider how it will all fit together now, and in the future. Our innovative way of looking at data has saved our clients thousands of pounds in unnecessary cabling and labour. Our solutions can also significantly prolong the life of your infrastructure, meaning more stability and less investment into your network.

We can design systems for:

  • Data networks
  • Telecom networks
  • CCTV/Security
  • Wireless connectivity

We can provide a turnkey service starting from an initial conversation about the needs of your business, through to having a technician on site the day your new network goes live to make sure every device is working exactly as it should, and beyond this for ongoing support and maintenance

Using the latest standards of cabling, Syscomm can install fibre optic cables to link your equipment at blistering speeds, over vast distances.

Fibre optic cabling is generally used as a backbone to link equipment and telecom rooms together, providing ultrafast connectivity and bandwidth capabilities. There is now an increasing requirement to connect servers and end user devices to a fibre optic network to take advantage of reliable Gigabit transfer rates.

We can provide:

  • Custom fibre optic cable production
  • Fibre Optic network design
  • Installation of fibre optics in your premises
  • Range of business broadband solutions

Your office network provides vital connectivity between your computers, phones, servers, wireless access and the outside world. Getting the design and/or implementation of this wrong can have far reaching consequences, resulting in poor performance, loss of internet, WiFi black spots or dropped phone calls.

We are network experts, starting with the design of the network, through the installation of cabling, switches and other required hardware and then on to support the installation. When we start a network service, we take ownership of the entire job, meaning you only need to deal with one company for anything network related.

We work closely with our clients, guiding businesses through the process of selecting, designing and deploying network infrastructures bespoke to their business. We have designed, implemented and continue to support cabling systems for our clients and cater to the specific needs of every project.

Give your business the network cabling it deserves with help from our cabling engineers at Syscomm. Contact us today to find out more about our networking and cabling services.

Why Syscomm

  • No matter what your unique security need, our team of experts can design effective security and access control systems for businesses in a broad range of industries. With state-of-the-art technologies from leading manufacturers, your system will be both highly effective and easily managed to ensure the proper flow of people throughout your building and the security of your employees, clients, property, and information.
  • Over the course of our long history, we have installed systems that include exterior/interior CCTV surveillance systems, exterior/interior Perimeter Access Control Systems (PACS), ID badging systems, Common Access Card (CAC) and Next Generations (NG) smart card readers.
  • We have been providing security protection and access control to our commercial customers for years. Our partnerships with leading security manufacturers allow you to choose the right systems and the right service partner to keep your business fully protected.
  • From video surveillance and door access control systems for small business to enterprise surveillance solutions for several locations, we can support your business with design, installation, testing and ongoing maintenance for new and existing surveillance and access control solutions.

Our Capability Components Include:

  • Video Surveillance and CCTV
  • Perimeter Security
  • Access Control
  • Biometric Access
  • Badges, Cards, Keyless
  • Networks & cabling

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Providing Managed IT Services for 35 Years

We offer much more than security and cabling services.  Syscomm has a comprehensive range of Managed IT Services to help your business get the best possible advantage from your IT. We provide in-depth expertise and experience to design and implement complete company-wide IT infrastructures to control how information is created, processed and distributed, in a secure and cost-efficient manner. Delivered by a highly skilled and experienced team, we offer enterprise-ready services to satisfy the scale of any business.

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