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Delivering reliable and secure connectivity solutions to support your cloud services.

The network performance of your business – the speed, bandwidth and availability – is vital.  In today’s rapidly changing world, fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective business connectivity solutions are essential.

Business communications are reliant on your connectivity, and that connectivity underpins absolutely everything – from your emails to your internet and cloud-based applications.  Fast, secure and reliable connection speeds are essential to keep your business systems running smoothly, which means traditional broadband services rarely cope with the demands and expectations of users.

We design and run expert solutions to fit all sorts of demands, big or small, straightforward or complex.  We work with you to implement a solution that is right for  your business –  from ADSL broadband, Fibre Gigabit connections and Next Generation Ethernet, to a secure and reliable MPLS/IPVPN global network.


The Fibre Revolution

The UK is currently going through a fibre broadband revolution, with over 93% of the UK being able to access some kind of fibre coverage – whether FTTC, FTTP or Leased Lines.

Most fibre brings significant advantages in terms of connection speeds, although as with ADSL these can be reduced during periods of high demand (not dedicated connections) and the connection is asynchronous (meaning data flows in only one direction at a time).

Fibre connectivity is ideal for businesses with a requirement for large upload and download speeds, as they typically provide much faster connectivity than other business connectivity options.

If your business is utilising cloud and hosted solutions, having a connection that you can rely on is imperative – exactly where a Syscomm managed fibre line comes invaluable.

  • Fast and reliable connections with outstanding service and support
  • Performance and reliability required to underpin cloud services
  • Scalable to adapt to changing bandwidth requirements
  • Guaranteed connection speeds for private networks
  • Reliability-backed with service level agreements
  • Affordable options for small businesses

We have implemented hundreds of fibre connections for our clients throughout the UK, so reach out to our team to find out more about our fibre connectivity packages.

Business Connectivity Benefits include:

  1. Dedicated Customer Service

When compared to domestic broadband packages, business connectivity comes with dedicated customer support, meaning you’ll have access to our first class customer service team, that is responsive and designed to keep your business connected.  Should an issue arise, business-level SLAs ensure that they are fixed in good time.  And you’re always going to be dealing directly with an engineer, not a call centre employee reading from a script.

2. Speed and Security

Business broadband connectivity can also be much faster than domestic broadband.  If your business relies on the internet to make video calls, access the web, collaborate across the web and so much more, speed of connection matters.

Moreover, our fibre leased line packages all come with added security features, leaving your business much safer and comfortable to focus on your key activities, safe in the knowledge that our dedicated support team is helping keep your business both connected and secure.

3.  Move to a Hosted Voice Solution

A business broadband connection will also enable your business to take advantage of other services, such as adopting a Hosted VoIP phone solution, including being able to access a number of unified communications offerings.  By taking advantage of a high-speed, secure business internet connection, your business can move away from legacy telephony systems and instead enjoy the new services and increased functionality that a VoIP phone system can bring.


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