Broadband for Cloud is a Complex Choice

Clearing the hype and the haze between you and the Cloud. With organisations racing towards the Cloud, having the right amount of Internet bandwidth available to deliver a plethora of Cloud services – and sustain these concurrently, and reliably day-after-day for all your users – is a business priority.  Internet really is the 4th utility….

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Man working at home in front of PC

Gigging our way out of slow business Internet

The UK faces a Digital Productivity abyss. Accelerating FTTP is the only answer. Though the UK ranks as the world’s 5th largest economy, we are laggards in terms of global broadband Internet performance. The UK languishes in 26th position for average fixed-line broadband speeds – as measured by the website – sitting behind 13…

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Voices from the Cloud – Part 1

The challenge for Voice over the Internet Having been involved with the delivery of both Voice and Internet Connectivity services for well over a decade now, if there’s one lesson I’ve learnt along the way, it’s that customers will not tolerate even the slightest ripple of disruption to their Voice services! The sensitivity of customers…

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