The Fabric of the Building

Smart Buildings create an environment that attracts tenants, customers and staff, creating new commercial opportunities, increasing productivity and security whilst improving efficiency to reduce costs.

Advances in network technology create opportunities to embrace mobility and the Internet of Things throughout the fabric of our buildings, creating a next-generation, smart and environmentally responsible infrastructure to improve safety and productivity whilst reducing energy costs and our carbon footprint.

Traditional Systems Evolution

By consolidating traditional systems into a single, smart network, building managers can reduce costs and complexity in their existing systems by consolidating CCTV, Access Control, Fire Systems, Intrusion Systems, Intercom Systems and the Building Management System onto a single multi-service, multi-tenant network backbone.

Taking a step further, new or refurbished buildings can be designed with the network infrastructure incorporated into the very fabric of the building to create a smart and dynamic digital environment where staff can interact with the building – using biometrics to control access security, location services to personalise the lighting, temperature and sound, or to automatically unlock doors, change digital signs, call lifts, and reduce energy costs by controlling lights, heating and network devices in real-time.

In the smart building, the network infrastructure is the critical backbone that supports multiple services and multiple tenants. It must be secure, with strong isolation between users and service, and uptime and flexibility are paramount. Syscomm give intelligent building solutions designed with a secure, versatile network built into the fabric of the infrastructure allowing building managers to embrace these emerging trends and streamline their maintenance and energy charges today.

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