Twas the night before Christmas, and all through our Desk,
The phone lines were lit up, and the queue was a mess.
Though all of my colleagues were doing their best,
There was too much to do so they were feeling quite stressed!

Our customers were sleeping, all snug in their beds,
But something had happened – their network was dead!
Support tickets came fast, causing no end of frustration.
With calls being received from all over the nation.

The Help Desk Support Team searched hard for solutions,
As their bonuses were tied to First Call resolution!
We just have to fix it, we have to be quick.
Check a few cables, make a few clicks.

But despite our best efforts, we were all too aware
That our task was hopeless, and we began to despair.
When all of a sudden, we heard such a clatter,
We rushed from our desks to see what was the matter.

And out of the blue, the office doors were flung open!
And in strode the man of whom tales are spoken!
There in the flesh, the Help Desk Chris Kringle
We stood in amazement, our spines all a tingle.

iPad held high, his voice thundered strong
“Don’t give up friends, though this night might be long!
With the help of my elves, I promise you all,
That we shall prevail, SLAs will not fall!”

His suit was bright red, his eyes like black stone.
And suddenly we knew we were not all alone.
With his help to correct this tech support tide.
I felt my hope rise just a little inside.

But one of my colleagues, who was feeling quite wrecked
Said “Santa, please, with no disrespect.
We know you’re a legend – that much is true
But you are one man. What can you possibly do?”

No sooner spoken, when Santa started to laugh.
“Why, I’ve brought you an army of tech support staff!”
And as he said it, his support army came,
And he laughed, and he shouted, calling each elf by name!

The list was too long to write them down here.
But needless to say, it was soon very clear
That our team was saved – with all these new techs
The queue was soon gone, and we held bonus cheques!

I turned to Chris Kringle, my heart full of cheer
And asked, “How did you know we needed you here?”
Santa just smiled through his white fluffy beard.
Twinkled his nose and the elves disappeared.

And then on the roof, we heard pawing and prancing
Reindeers preparing for Strictly Come Dancing?
Turning to us, he bade us good cheer.
“I’ve got to go now that your network is clear.”

And with that final word, he raced out the door,
Leaving us all with jaws on the floor.
We ran to the window, and what did we spy,
But a magnificent sleigh, heading up through the sky!

And we heard these great words as he faded from sight …..
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”




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