Internet Performance

Your organisation depends on fast, reliable business broadband to keep staff connected to their applications, and to sustain communications between branch offices, home offices, customers and suppliers.

If a loss of Internet access or a poorly performing Internet service would have a financial impact on your business, you need a Service Provider who can deliver a fast, reliable service that is fit for your business.


24/7 Service

Our Managed Internet Services deliver high-performance, reliable connectivity guaranteed by our comprehensive 24/7 Service Level Agreement to ensure your Internet services support rather than restrict your critical communications, and deliver the ultimate in performance and reliability at a reasonable cost.

Through our suite of performance and availability monitoring tools, our customers can view in real-time how their Internet access is performing and make informed decisions about capacity upgrades, whilst our engineers are proactively notified of any issues affecting or likely to affect your service.


Freedom to scale

Our flexible approach allows customers to order the bandwidth they need today, but retain the freedom to scale performance by adding lines with our Bonded ADSL and Bonded FTTC solutions, or flexing Ethernet fibre bandwidth up from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps when required.

Our Managed Internet Access is delivered with a Syscomm managed device terminating the connection, usually a Cisco router, but sometimes a Firewall or Switch depending on the best fit for your requirements, and we manage, monitor and maintain this device to ensure it’s always delivering a consistent and business class Internet Service.

For businesses highly dependent on their Internet access availability, we can optionally deliver a suite resilient backed up services, from bonding multiple ADSL or FTTC lines to add multi-line resiliency, through to the ultimate Internet resilience achieved with dual diverse Ethernet fibre services routed independently into two diverse Syscomm Data Centres.


Internet Security solutions

Wherever possible we route our primary Internet link and any backup Internet link into independent Data Centres, using independent carriers to give you ultimate peace of mind, even if your backup solution is a highly cost effective ADSL service.

Whilst our Managed Internet Solutions are ideal for businesses needing high performance Internet Access to drive mission-critical applications, a fast, always-on Internet connection can also pose a security threat for your business. Syscomm offer a broad range of Managed Internet Security solutions to complement our Managed Internet Access, offering a turn-key solution to safeguard your business.

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