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Ethernet First Mile, or EFM, delivers a fast, flexible enterprise class connectivity solution supporting guaranteed bandwidth up to 35 Mbps download, and 35 Mbps upload, with a financially backed 6-hour fix SLA to cover circuit outages.

The characteristics of dedicated, guaranteed bandwidth, backed by a business class SLA make EFM a major improvement over ADSL and FTTC for businesses requiring dependable Internet access to support mission-critical applications.


Cost Effective

Delivered over a bundle of copper pairs, EFM provides a cost effective connectivity solution, and can often be installed far faster and more cheaply than fibre Ethernet leased lines, to deliver a dedicated business class connectivity solution often in as few as 3 weeks.

Most EFM installations use existing spare copper capacity within a building, allowing the installation to progress without the need for legal wayleaves, and EFM installs rarely generate any excess installation charges, making many EFM installation projects quick and easy.

With an EFM service comprising up to 8 copper pairs in the bundle, it can be upgraded from a 2-pair installation up to an 8-pair maximum as business bandwidth requirements increase over time.

Our multi-pair EFM solutions have an inherent resiliency that automatically drops faulty pairs out of the bundle without any impact to service, allowing the EFM circuit to continue with partially degraded performance whilst the faulty pair is repaired.


Our Solution

EFM is an ideal replacement for legacy out-of-contract leased lines, offering a fast installation and improved bandwidth over older, slower private leased line circuits, and can often be delivered at a fraction of the cost.

Our Managed EFM solutions include an enterprise-class Cisco router to enhance the performance, stability and security of your EFM service. The Cisco router reports into our 24/7 network monitoring service to ensure our EFM service is operating to its full capabilities, whilst triggering proactive alerts for any issues that might affect your service.

With our Dedicated Fibre Internet Access products, your dedicated EFM bandwidth allows us to deploy advanced traffic prioritisation, called Quality of Service (QoS) over your EFM links. Syscomm support bi-direction QoS over EFM services – both on upload from your site, and on download from our network. The effective use of two-way QoS makes your bandwidth stretch further, improving your ROI, and ensuring that your business applications maintain their priority over other traffic.

EFM Backup and Resiliency

An ADSL or FTTC backup link can be applied to our EFM solutions to provide instant failover in the event of a failure of the EFM service. Wherever possible we will use an alternative national carrier to deliver this to an independent Data Centre within the Syscomm network.

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