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Cloud computing is increasingly being hailed as the key to small and medium business efficiency and success – never before have businesses had such a need for reliable, high speed business broadband and synchronicity – where upload speeds match that of download capabilities.

Increase the reliability, performance and security of your Public Cloud computing with a direct connection into your preferred Cloud provider, taking your Cloud traffic off the public Internet. Extend your Syscomm WAN or your Syscomm Cloud over resilient links into your Amazon or Microsoft Cloud over our secure, private core Network.

As businesses increasingly adopt Cloud-based solutions, the pressure on poor internet connectivity is mounting. Faster, more reliable and secure broadband has become essential to most modern businesses who recognise that today’s new technology relies heavily on download and upload speeds, meaning you need the right connectivity in place to ensure success and meet expectations. Our range of great value, high-speed and secure business broadband solutions will let you enjoy faster connectivity.

What is Direct Cloud Connect…?

Cloud direct connect is the connection between a private network and a public cloud. In the past, all connections to the cloud were from a public network into a public cloud.  However, the rise of new technologies means that different types of clouds have become available – public, private, and hybrid.

Direct connect allows you to interact with these clouds all from your own, private, dedicated network.

Our Direct Cloud Connect Service provides you with the ability to directly connect your networks to public cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud. This is offered over a private network connection without sending network traffic over the public internet, giving you high availability and optimal performance.

Key Benefits of Direct Cloud Connect

Here are a few of the biggest consequences of cloud direct connect and what they might mean for the future.


Not only is this type of connection much more convenient, it also helps protect your data. When your data is stored in the cloud, they are not only much more easil able to be backed up, but also significantly less susceptible to being stolen.

Using a private network to transport the data adds another level of safety. With cloud direct connect, both ends of the process gain an extra level of security, which means getting your data into (and out of) the cloud no longer poses a security risk, since you can do it on a private, designated network connection instead of the public Internet.


Prior to cloud direct connect, the only way to access the cloud was through a standard Internet connection. However, unfortunately all to common events such as a broken connection, hacking, or even an unpaid bill can swiftly knock out your Internet access.

With cloud direct connect, you control your own connectivity through a private network. This dramatically increases the system’s reliability because your private server should be a lot more predictable and reliable than the public Internet. Moreover, only you have access to it, so there’s a decreased risk that something could go wrong.


On the whole, speed might be the most improved element of adopting this technology into your business. Cloud direct connect vastly improves the speed of your regular cloud uploads and downloads.

With this new service, bypassing the public Internet eliminates an entire step of the process of accessing your cloud service – increasing both reliability and speed.

Why Choose Syscomm?

We have spent more than 35 years delivering fully managed IT environments to businesses across the UK with some of the most demanding, complex requirements in the industry. Our customers rely on that expertise to deliver intelligent solutions that drastically improve the efficiency of their IT organisations.

Syscomm helps organisations to rapidly transform their customer’s experience and improve operational efficiency. We offer complete digital transformation solutions supported by in-depth business and technology know-how, based around the creation of secure business-critical IT systems.

Our networks and cloud environments are designed specifically for businesses that need to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands placed on their IT infrastructure. A robust, high-performance network and hosting environment is paramount to running a business today and we take great pride in ensuring that your applications are delivered to your customers and end users without compromise.

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