Multi-site Networks – WAN solutions for organisations of any size

Whether your organisation already operates a Multi-site WAN, is expanding into new regions, or opening new sites, Syscomm provides and manages the transition onto cost-effective, resilient and fast multi-site networks that seamlessly extend site-to-site applications, bringing users and branch offices together onto a unified, secure and strategic IT infrastructure.

We connect locations, building strategic multi-site private networks that integrate your Sites, Cloud resources, Data Centres and even into your key Customers and Suppliers.

Private Data Centre

Leveraging our own, private UK Data Centre network, Syscomm delivers fast and secure WAN solutions, delivered by our Professional Services team who proactively monitor your infrastructure around the clock to maintain the health and performance of the network. If we detect a problem – we’ll call you – and we don’t expect our customers to jump through hoops to get service restored. Our detailed diagnostic monitoring will usually tell us everything we need to know.

For many multi-site organisations, implementing a Wide Area Network (WAN) has been a costly exercise, wrought with technical complexity and commercial restrictions. Yet, the network between your sites is critical infrastructure – done right the WAN should boost your business, enabling IT consolidation across a resilient and efficient network, but implemented poorly or on inflexible commercial terms, the WAN can create a drag on the agility, up-time and capability of the business.

Personalised WAN Solution

Your WAN should be a business enabler, and at Syscomm our approach is different. We combine a full spectrum of connectivity solutions, from ADSL through to Dedicated Diverse Fibre with backup options including 4G and Satellite links to build versatile multi-site networks blending the most cost-effective and most appropriate technology available, across a range of carriers for least cost, maximum flexibility and utmost reliability.

Where resilient links are required, Syscomm goes the extra mile to ensure total national separation of circuits. We manage the delivery of diverse routes into customer sites, bringing these into diverse Data Centres, across diverse national routes into the Syscomm network, avoiding nasty surprises when outages reveal unexpected points of convergence in diverse solutions.

Syscomm Approach

Our customer centric approach encourages an Active/Active design across diverse WAN links, rather than a simpler, but inefficient Active/Standby arrangement where the backup link sits idle until the primary link fails. Our Active/Active approach delivers a continuous bandwidth benefit from backup links, putting this bandwidth to use to support and accelerate the business, rather than sitting idle while your primary links strain under the entire load. Our approach gets the basics right, delivering great value, right-sized, secure and reliable WAN services that can scale with your business.

By overlaying Quality of Service technologies we can prioritise your business critical and time sensitive traffic end-to-end between your sites, or into your Data Centre, helping you to maintain excellent user experience across all of your IT Voice and Data applications running over your network.

Through the seamless integration of the LAN and the WAN, Syscomm supports the consolidation of the LAN and WAN into a single, unified network. Leveraging Ethernet Fabric Network, Fabric Connect and Software Defined Network technology, Syscomm enable our customers to build an entirely next-generation self-service WAN, with edge-to-edge provisioning of new network services between your LAN devices at remote sites, removing the complexity, cost and delays associated with requesting changes via your traditional WAN service provider.

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