Hybrid IT Innovation

Hybrid IT offers organisations the flexibility to innovate quickly, whilst running applications from their optimum location. An agile infrastructure and elastic network supports the seamless combination of on-premise, Cloud and Data Centre technologies to allow fast and cost effective deployment of applications and services.

Enterprises are increasingly recognising the benefits of a distributed infrastructure – or a Hybrid IT strategy, migrating services that benefit from a Cloud model to the Cloud, services that are best served centrally to the Data Centre but whilst keeping those that need to be local securely on-premises.


Harness the Benefits

Hybrid IT allows organisations to harness the benefits of all infrastructure models at once, and place applications where they are best suited to maximise those benefits. In doing so the business can save cost, improve agility, improve resiliency and capitalise on opportunities for innovation.

By running each of these infrastructure models upon a single next-generation Fabric Connect network Syscomm help our customers to overcome the major limitation of the Hybrid IT strategy today – the traditional network just cannot support it.

Our Sevices

The LAN, WAN, Data Centre and Cloud are all isolated networks, split apart by different providers, different hardware, routers, firewalls, and complex administration with no common interface to glue it all together.
MPLS is as close as traditional networking can get to supporting Hybrid IT, but it’s just not smart enough to keep up with the capability that Hybrid can deliver.

Syscomm’s approach redefines the network and breaks down the limitations of MPLS. By running a next-generation Fabric Connect network with edge-to-edge provisioning we unify the LAN, WAN, Data Centre and Cloud so our customers can build a highly elastic IT infrastructure that supports the effortless migration or replication of services between on-premises, the Data Centre and Cloud.

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