Syscomm IT Infrastructure

Syscomm own and operate a high performance UK wide network and Cloud infrastructure that sustains mission critical business Data, Cloud, Voice and Application traffic for thousands of end users, 24/7.

The infrastructure, which spans 6 premium UK Data Centres, is built with multiple layers of resiliency at the heart of the design, and the network runs fast-recovery technologies to ensure we deliver uninterrupted customer services even in the event of equipment, power or link outages.

We run a diversely routed Dark Fibre ring between our primary datacentres, with tertiary independent backup links into core sites to ensure backbone resiliency is always maintained, even if we lose one of our primary backbone paths into a site.

Core Network

Our core network is based upon next-generation Avaya Fabric Connect technology, which uses the latest Shortest Path Bridging technology to ensure traffic traverses our network over an optimised route, allowing us to deliver low latency, secure and fault tolerant services.

Installing and maintaining reliable and secure LAN infrastructure to support your business. Our network solutions enable your infrastructure to become a strategic business asset, improving performance and security across the organisation.

The network is the backbone of any modern organisation – it underpins the delivery of an ever increasing number of critical systems, services and applications.

Network Growth

The Internet of Things, BYOD and the ‘App’ will only accelerate this growth in network enabled services, extending smart network-enabled capabilities into every part of our lives, and every corner of the office. This new, faster digital world creates exciting opportunity for innovation, improved customer interaction and business efficiency; but the network is the common fabric that holds it all together, and the drive for more capacity and faster deployment must be balanced against pressures to control cost, and manage expansion without introducing complexity, downtime or vulnerabilities.

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