Smart Buildings

Innovate with network-centric smart buildings, and keep projects on time and to budget. The construction industry is under increasing pressure to stay ahead amongst the continuous evolution in the technological landscape.

But with a downward pressure on costs, construction firms need to remain competitive to win business, and with live projects coming under intense scrutiny from customers to hit milestones, firms strive for reliable and effective collaboration between contractors and stakeholders to keep costs down and project ahead of schedule.

Supply chain

The fragmented nature of, and interdependency within the supply chain dramatically increases the risk of delays rippling through project, creating further pressure on costs, delivery dates and ultimately putting reputations on the line.

Syscomm specialise in the delivery of secure multi-tenant networks, Wide Area Networks, and Cloud infrastructure solutions, which when combined offer the construction industry both a technical solution to their remote, temporary site collaboration issues, and also a strategic opportunity to implement similar technology into the fabric of their buildings to deliver a Smart Building infrastructure for their customers.

Multi-tenant Network

Our experience with secure, multi-tenant IT infrastructure allows us to rapidly deploy reliable field based networks with wireless or fixed-line connectivity for site contractors to connect into a high speed and reliable network, increasing the efficacy of communications between staff, teams and companies.

The same network can support Machine-to-Machine communications from devices and sensors around the site, or to support voice and CCTV from the site, improving security, telemetry and communication across the site.

Multi-tenant application

Our field network can be connected back into our Data Centre Cloud infrastructure solutions to provide temporary, project based server, application or Virtual Desktop hosting that supports remote connectivity from mobile users into a centralised project platform for secure collaboration between all contractors, sub-contractors and stakeholders.

Our multi-tenant network technology can also be built into the fabric of the building, or across a business park or housing development, opening up great opportunities for construction companies or developers to harness the commercial benefits of Smart Buildings, or Smart Towns. With a capable network Fabric installed into the fabric of the development, all Building Management Services can be integrated onto a single network backbone; and secure multi-tenant Voice or Internet Services can be offered as a commercial offering across the development.

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