Maintain Expectations

As a professional services organisation, your firm trades on its reputation. Your staff are professionals and your clients expect the very best levels of service to protect and serve their interests.

Whether you’re an accountant, lawyer, architect, PR expert or finance advisor, your clients rely on you to protect their sensitive data whilst delivering a reliable, assured and responsive service tailored to their needs.
Maintaining your reputation, and evolving your client relations in an increasingly digitised world necessitates that your IT also delivers the gold-standard in security, response and reliability. Professional Services organisations require a bespoke and client-focused IT strategy that resolutely defends client data against the threats of Cybersecurity whilst presenting an agile IT platform that simplifies innovation, mobilisation and digitisation in the traditional professional services marketplace.

Internal Systems

When your product is largely intangible, efficient internal systems and processes that help you to stay on track whilst keeping your customer informed throughout are a must, allowing you to meet customer expectations, stay on-time and on-scope and remain competitive in your field.
When it comes to your IT, you need the best technology on in your corner, delivered by a professional IT solutions provider that speaks your language – an IT partner who also trades on their reputation as a solutions provider rather than a ‘box-shifter.’ Syscomm take pride in our professionalism to deliver the most effective and best value IT solutions tuned to our professional services clients’ unique businesses requirements. We know that no two businesses are the same, and take time to understand the underlying business as we tailor a solution around your own business objectives, and aligned to the needs of your customers.
We help our customers build sound, well managed IT infrastructures that further their IT capabilities, help them to improve customer engagement and enrich their professional services offerings.

Collaborative Approach

We have a wealth of experience working with our professional services clients to address their challenges across the following areas:

  • Maintain Secure E-mail Communications 24/7; through our Cloud hosted E-mail facilities, access is available anywhere and anytime from our resilient E-mail servers, running within Syscomm’s UK network.
  • Maintain Client Data Confidentiality; through our defence-in-depth approach to network security, access, encryption and monitoring
  • Maintain Backup and Disaster Recovery; through our Cloud hosted offsite-backup routines and Hybrid IT strategies to distribute your data between sites or into the Syscomm UK hosted private Cloud.
  • Maintain Compliance with Regulation; through our consultancy on, and maintenance of the data-protection, access and logging standards governing your sector.
  • Embrace Mobility; through our secure private-Cloud technologies that support Voice, Data and Application access from your phone, tablet and mobile, anywhere and anytime.
  • Reduce Risk; through our 24/7 pro-active monitoring for faults and security incidents, with full onsite or remote helpdesk support to rectify issues and keep your IT streamlined and reliable.
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