Multiple Syscomm Data Centres

Whether you know it as Cloud Hosted Telephony, Hosted VoIP, IP Centrex or Cloud Voice, the technology has developed enormously in recent years making Cloud Hosted Telephony a persuasive proposition for organisations seeking simple, cost-effective and easy to use telephony without the complexity and hassle associated with an onsite PBX.

If you’re still running an onsite PBX, Cloud Telephony can help you embrace versatile anytime, anywhere communications while only paying for the extensions you need.

Internet Access

With Internet access becoming faster and cheaper, organisations are readily replacing legacy ISDN solutions with cheaper IP SIP trunks. VoIP over the Internet is already standard practice for many, with Voice solutions now evolving towards the fully Cloud Hosted PBX to extend the virtues of Cloud Computing flexibility into the traditional Unified Communications, Voice and Contact Centre market.

Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, Cloud Hosted Telephony integrates call routing and Voicemail across each of your devices and locations, keeping you in touch via a unified presence across each of your devices.

Syscomm are one of a handful of true ISP’s using our own network to offer a business grade Internet service specifically optimised to carry Internet VoIP traffic. From our UK network, we run Quality of Service over our Voice Internet services to guarantee ISDN quality Voice from your Cloud Hosted Voice solution. As a premium operator, we have built dedicated private Voice links with the major UK telecoms providers to keep your Voice traffic away from the public Internet, avoiding all of the voice quality problems with running VoIP over the Internet.


Embrace Mobility

Through our secure Cloud Voice platform, we can extend your Hosted Voice service anywhere, allowing you to communicate and collaborate from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop softphone, or even run a desktop phone at home.

Control Costs

Hosted Voice offers fixed monthly charges for handsets and softphones, with low-cost call bundles. Maintenance and calls between internal users are all included wrapping all of your communications charges into a simple, low monthly charge.


Hosted Telephony offers the ability to scale users up and down as your business grows. Whether you have 2 handsets at 1 site, or 2000 across 20, you benefit for a rich set of business communications feature in an easy plug-and-go configuration.

Disaster Recovery

With Cloud Hosted Telephony, your Telephone System is offsite, distributed across multiple Datacentres in the Syscomm Cloud. With handsets able to connect from anywhere, you can maintain your business Telephony from anywhere.

ISDN Voice Quality

Syscomm are one of a handful of operators that run our own broadband network, and when connecting to our Hosted Telephony over our broadband connections your traffic remains private within the Syscomm network. When your Voice traffic is private we can prioritise it and guarantee end-to-end quality.

Our Service

Our Cloud Hosted Telephony is based around our resilient Voice platform that spans multiple Syscomm Data Centres, with handset extensions connecting either over private Syscomm broadband for guaranteed ISDN quality, or over the public Internet to connect extensions from anywhere.

We offer low-cost call bundles, and include a rich range of business communications features from Voicemail to Unified Communications and Conferencing into a simple pay-as-you-go package that supports Voice communications from wired, wireless and softphone extensions.

Our features and flexibility match an onsite PBX solution, but without the ongoing cost, complexity and risk of running an onsite system. With Hosted Telephony, we take care of your PBX maintenance and upgrades without any additional cost or onsite disruption to your telephony.

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