Our Experience

The Syscomm team understand the complex technical and budgetary challenges facing IT departments in Schools, Colleges and Further Education organisations, and through a consultative approach, we help academic organisations implement reliable IT solutions that protect students and improve learning outcomes.

With our broad portfolio of services and solutions backed by over 20 years experience maintaining IT solutions within Education, Syscomm is a reliable and trustworthy partner to assist with your IT challenges.

Education IT Support

Syscomm delivers onsite and a remote network, server and IT support paired with education focused consultancy and IT infrastructure management to ensure academic IT systems are reliable, secure and deliver on their promises. We are acutely aware of the pressure on education budgets, and our costs and technologies are sensitive and proportionate to the challenges faced across the education sector.

We work closely with IT staff and the Senior Leadership Team to fully understand your IT challenges and objectives, and collaborate at every stage of the technology lifecycle to ensure your systems deliver to their full potential. From proposal to delivery and in-service support, we deliver balanced technology solutions that empower educators with secure, stable and flexible IT systems.

Strategic Approach

Within Schools, Colleges and Universities, Syscomm consult on how strategic investment into enduring technology can steer IT towards a cost-effective, secure and resilient infrastructure that targets 100% uptime, and grows staff confidence in IT to deliver a modern educational experience.

With BYOD and the Internet of Things being hot topics in modern education, Syscomm have developed an education-focused technology suite to address the challenges to security and deployment costs associated with these latest innovations; and as a specialist provider of Local IT services, Wide Area Connectivity, Data Centre and Cloud services, Syscomm are uniquely placed to support educational IT systems end-to-end – from the onsite network, including Wireless and BYOD, through to student Internet Content Filtering and even providing cost effective Internet connectivity.

From a network support perspective, our proactive and flexible approach is focused on pinpointing issues before they degrade student and teacher services, changing the support emphasis away from fault reaction times, and instead building confidence and trust in the IT infrastructure to support the classroom.

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