Cost Efficiency

Delivering cost effective innovation in highly competitive markets. Staying ahead in competitive retail markets demands efficiency and innovation to deliver a standout customer experience each and every time. Our retail customers strive to deliver a consistent, high-quality and customer-focused service, both in the branch, online and over the phone.

We help retailers with reliable and agile IT to underpin their omni-channel operations; delivering solutions that can leverage powerful analytics, insight and open up new opportunities to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

End-to-end Solutions

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Syscomm deliver industry leading technology and powerful software solutions to help your brand grow whilst maintaining an edge over your competitors.

We are experts in the delivery of multi-site Internet Access and Connectivity solutions to connect your retail outlets, providing a secure and cost effective Wide Area Network to support your vital retail systems, including Point of Sale.

Our network of Cloud and Datacentre infrastructure offers the facility for physical retailers to consolidate their IT into the centre of their network, connecting sites to your Private Cloud over a Syscomm WAN to increase security and reduce costs.

Cloud Storage facilities

Our Cloud hosting facilities present the ultimate platform to support retailer innovation with an elastic IT platform that can spin up new customer engagement systems, websites or customer loyalty projects with ease.

With Syscomm able to provide the LAN, Retail Wireless, WAN and Cloud facilities, we can build a scalable and PCI DSS compliant retail network that accelerates and reduces the cost of new outlet openings, adding these into the network and extending secure Voice, Data and PoS services into new sites with ease.

For the eCommerce retailer, the Syscomm network offers a high performance, and highly reliable Data Centre platform for mission critical website hosting, keeping your web store open for business 24/7. Your website infrastructure can be distributed across multiple Data Centres for ultimate availability, and offers flexible capacity to cope with peak load from prime-time TV advertising.

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