Simple, reliable and effective IT Support for SME’s

From smaller organisations through to those at the top-end of the SME bracket, our customers in this space demand simple, reliable and effective IT that delivers real business impact without costing the earth.

Our customers in the SME sector often thrive on their ability to seize opportunities, innovate and adapt to change whilst always wrapping their personal touch around their products and services. It’s important that your IT supports these SME business drivers through a secure, stable and agile IT platform that accelerates innovation and moves at the pace of your ideas, rather than bottlenecking your ambition.

With the digital world presenting both new opportunities and new threats alike, building a smart digital IT infrastructure today puts your company at the forefront of your field, empowering innovation and next-generation customer engagement to drive a competitive edge whilst also providing protection against Cybersecurity threats.

What we can do

Syscomm offers a range of flexible and best-in-class IT services designed to be best-value for the SME space. Delivered either ad-hoc or as a complete turn-key solution tailored to cover your whole IT function, we offer a holistic bundle of products and services designed to simplify all aspects of your SME IT environment, from the Desktop through to the Cloud.

We pride ourselves on implementing best-value enterprise-class technology from day 1; technology that scales with your organisation, on a simple, cost-effective pay-as-you-grow architecture that flexes with your business as you add sites and users without introducing new complexity or risk into your IT infrastructure.

By unifying the latest technologies like Ethernet Fabric networks, Hybrid IT, Cloud Managed WiFi, and Cloud Services we cover the full spectrum of SME IT requirements to deliver a next-generation IT architecture that delivers the strong IT foundations to accelerate your business in the digital economy.


Syscomm Experience

We have broad experience delivering business value orientated solutions to address SME IT challenges in the following areas:

  • Cloud Hosted Services; our Cloud hosted facilities support migration of complex applications into the Cloud to simplify and add resilience to Databases, Data, Terminal Services and E-mail applications.
  • Network Security; our defence-in-depth approach to IT security delivers cost-effective technology and risk mitigation to protect your network against dynamic Cyber threats.
  • Voice and Data Connectivity; building upon the Syscomm ISP infrastructure, Syscomm delivers next-generation Fabric network technologies to support your Internet, LAN, WiFi and Voice requirements.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery; leveraging the Syscomm UK hosted Cloud network, we offer cost-effective offsite backup and data replication to ensure your data is protected against disasters.
  • Compliance with Regulation; as an advocate of best-practice information security, Syscomm can consult on achievement and maintenance of industry security regulation including PCI-DSS
  • Enterprise Mobility; business agility through our Cloud technologies facilitate Voice, Data and Application access from your phone, tablet and mobile, anywhere and anytime.
  • Pro-active Support; our 24/7 pro-active monitoring with full onsite or remote helpdesk support keeps your IT running smoothly day-in-day-out to ensure IT is never the bottleneck.
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