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ADSL is a very cost-effective Business Broadband solution that has widespread availability across the UK. The technology is delivered over copper, and the performance is dependent on the distance to the exchange, but availability is good across the country and Syscomm can bond up to 4 lines together to improve performance and reliability at sites that need more bandwidth than one line can deliver.

Our Managed Business ADSL remains the connectivity solution of choice for smaller businesses or home offices in need of cost effective connectivity at sites where faster FTTC is not available.



Internet Solutions

As an entry-level connectivity service, the SLA is relatively weak on ADSL when compared to guaranteed bandwidth services like EFM or Ethernet Fibre circuits. This limitation should be considered when appraising it for a business connectivity solution, but ADSL is still the most common connectivity solution in the Small Business Broadband market due to its low cost, wide availability and fast installation.

ADSL is available in three technology variants:

  • ADSL – Up to 8 Mbps downstream, 832 Kbps upstream
  • ADSL 2+ Annex A – Up to 24 Mbps downstream, 1.3 Mbps upstream
  • ADSL 2+ Annex M – Up to 20 Mbps downstream, 2.4 Mbps upstream

ADSL Annex M technology is a good option for small businesses that need to extract a little extra upload performance from their ADSL to accelerate the Cloud or their use of Office 365. Beyond this, bonded ADSL is an option to accelerate ADSL technology further.


Broadband Solution

Our Managed Business Broadband solution includes a high-quality business class router to make the most of your ADSL connection, managing the line to extract the best possible performance but without sacrificing stability.

Our proactive network monitoring polls the router every minute of every day to ensure the ADSL line is performing to its full capabilities, and proactively alerts our network engineers to any changes that might affect your service.

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