Enhance data protection, mitigate risk and ensure access to critical information with Syscomm’s Backup as a Service offerings

We make it easy and cost-effective for you to protect all your data from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, hardware failures, and even human errors. Your data needs to be safe, yet you also need access to it – whether from the office or from remote locations, along with the ability to share it with colleagues.

Data backup and Recovery services from Syscomm provide fresh approaches to data protection, data availability and reporting. Protect your critical data with services designed to reduce risk, avoid data loss and downtime, while lowering total cost of ownership. Our services promote real-time data availability and virtually instant data recovery while mitigating regulatory compliance issues such as GDPR.

Find the perfect storage solution for your business

Whether your business requires an all-encompassing data backup solution, instant access to files away from the office or, more simply, a way to safely store and share documents with colleagues and customers, we have a solution to meet your needs.

We’ll discuss your business, and the type of data you’re dealing with, and recommend a solution that works for your business. Options include onsite storage at your premises, storing some, or all, of your data at one of our 6 UK Data Centres, taking advantage of today’s Cloud technologies. Or, after discussing your business needs, it may be that a hybrid of onsite services alongside our leading-edge Cloud technologies would be the best fit for you.

Experts at what we do

Whatever the approach, you can rest assured knowing that your data and networks will be secure and that you will be able to recover your data rapidly and easily, whenever you need it. Our protection goes beyond traditional backup and includes email archiving, as well as a full suite of best-of-breed network and content security products. Our vast experience and expertise in designing and implementing scalable solutions across the SME market means our strength and depth of knowledge is second to none.

Moreover, we operate over our own infrastructure, spanning 6 premium UK Data Centres. It has been built with multiple layers of resiliency and the network runs fast-recovery technologies to ensure we deliver uninterrupted customer services even in the event of equipment, power or link outages.

We also run a diversely routed Dark Fibre ring between our primary datacentres, with tertiary independent backup links into core sites to ensure backbone resiliency is always maintained, even if we lose one of our primary backbone paths into a site.

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