Reliable WAN Solutions

Delivering reliable business class WAN solutions from our own Core network across the UK using our own next-generation Fabric Connect core network is at the very heart of what we do.

The capabilities of Fabric Networking completely redefine the network, allowing Syscomm to offer our customers a new range of innovative Internet facing and private WAN Network solutions that strip away the complexity and limitations of your Wide Area Network.

With Syscomm, your LAN, WAN, Datacentre and Cloud can all sit on a common, secure, private and resilient network – managed at every step in real time by you.  Our highly resilient, cloud-ready Wide Area Networks transform commodity IT into a business enabler.

For multi-site organisations, the Wide Area Network (WAN) delivers a secure enterprise-class network to interconnect branch offices, Cloud services and Data Centres, whilst removing any dependence on the public internet to carry sensitive business traffic. The enterprise WAN is optimised to support multi-service traffic concurrently within a simple, unified and secure company-wide network that brings benefits to organisations requiring scalable network services between 2 or more sites.

Adapting to business traffic

A cost effective network with consistent performance.
With an increasing number of services delivered over the IP network, traffic prioritisation is fundamental to network design, and with IT services continuing to consolidate into Head Office, the Data Centre and Cloud, the pressure on carrier links onto the Internet or into the WAN is escalating.

With public facing carrier services typically running some 100 times slower than the 10 Gbps links into network servers, end-to-end traffic prioritisation becomes critical to ensure the user application experience is maintained across the consolidated network.

Business Traffic

When configured optimally with traffic prioritisation, link utilisation can be optimised, helping to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance. But despite the importance of prioritisation, these markers are ignored and discarded as traffic moves over the public Internet.

Within the trusted and secure confines of the private WAN, traffic does not touch the public Internet and application performance can be guaranteed end-to-end, with those critical applications prioritised to ensure users receive a consistent and business class experience over optimised and cost effective carrier circuits.

Remote sites can be interconnected and network services shared across the infrastructure with ease, opening up the possibility for the cost effective centralisation of IT services into Head Office, the Data Centre, or Cloud.

Network security and performance is improved by isolating sensitive traffic from public Internet traffic, and through the consolidation of complex security and Firewall requirements at each individual branch office into a robust security solution running at the heart of the network.

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