Healthcare Solutions

Modern solutions to adapt critical infrastructure to today’s security requirements. Public and Private Healthcare providers face a challenge to adapt their systems in our increasingly digitised world, whilst also striving to save costs and improve patient experiences.

Digital Healthcare

The trend towards Digital Healthcare allows private and public Healthcare facilities to become more efficient through centralised Doctor and Nurse scheduling, Patient appointment booking and reminding, through to the adoption of Electronic Heath Records.

Patient experience and Healthcare outcomes are being improved further with the digitisation of Healthcare facilities and through technological innovations that guide decision making based on real-time information.


Extending the capabilities of the WiFi network to provide location tracking services enables smarter resource allocation and saves time. By assigning the closest medical staff or instruments to patients the distance travelled by medical staff is reduced significantly and the time saved looking for equipment improves efficiency, enhances the patient experience and lowers cost.

IoT devices

Innovation in the Internet of Things space allows Healthcare practice to further empower their highly mobile workforce. By equipping medical staff with personal IoT devices that integrate with systems across the hospital, staff can dynamically react to emergency situations from personal smart devices. This new technology opens the door for emergency, dynamic team formation based on time, location and situation.

Specialised Stroke or Cardiac teams can be assembled from all available resources based on proximity and current priorities, or an external emergency team can be formed automatically from on-call staff in response to a major incident in the region.

Extending Technologies

Extending these dynamic team technologies further, Healthcare can adopt ‘TeleMedicine’ to connect subject experts from a pool of available specialists irrespective of geography, leading to better utilisation of specialist resources, lower costs and improved patient outcomes. Leveraging the capabilities of mobile High Definition video conferencing, national or international specialists can be brought into the room within minutes for surgical consultation; or even for bedside translation and routine post-operation follow-up.

Whilst the adoption of digital Healthcare presents new opportunities for Healthcare quality and efficiency, it poses significant challenges for Healthcare IT.

With more medical, staff and patient devices becoming network attached, mobility, scalability and in particular security are major challenges for the digital Healthcare network. The escalating threat from hacking, malware and ransomware in medical facilities is a cause for serious concern. As the network grows, so do potential entry points, and security breaches leading to patient data loss, or compromised access to critical healthcare systems like infusion pumps are real dangers in the modern, network connected Healthcare facility.

Software Defined Network

Syscomm offer a next-generation, Fabric based, Software Defined Healthcare solution leveraging network micro-segmentation and network auto-provisioning to simultaneously offer utmost security and complete mobility. Our solution can be retro-fitted onto any existing Wired or Wireless healthcare device, regardless of operating system or on-board network capabilities – allowing any device to be made highly secure, as a part of a solution that goes far beyond the security and mobility capabilities of 802.1x.

Our simple and secure solution uses Fabric Connect to open a traffic path from the medical server to the healthcare device once authentication has been completed, upon which an encrypted link is established across the Fabric, micro-segmenting the device into its very own, dedicated VLAN-type ISID network and isolating it from everything else on the network. This innovative approach allows medical devices to be repositioned by clinical staff without any network reconfiguration from IT, saving time, reducing configuration errors, and guaranteeing that no residual network configuration left on open ports into the clinical network.

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