Strategic Thinking

Syscomm was founded in 1984 in the belief that the provision of effective network connectivity is of strategic importance to business organisations independent of size or industry. Initially providing Token Ring and Systems Network Architecture (SNA) connectivity for IBM systems environments

Service Offering

Syscomm has continued to deliver cost effective network solutions, consistently enhancing their service offerings and client return on investment (ROI) over time, as technology advancement has progressed.

It is as true today in an ever quickening business world, that businesses are becoming ever more dependent on technology to run their operations, and in the increasingly connected world, network connectivity technologies have a significant role to play.

Having led the world in the de-regulation of the UK communications industry, the current government too recognises the continued importance of effective network connectivity.

In the 2016 Queens Speech the Digital Economy Bill was announced, intended to “make the UK a world leader in digital provision – a place where technology ceaselessly transforms the economy, society and government”.

Throughout these decades of transformation, Syscomm has continued to develop its expertise in the provision of an integrated network, cloud and telephony technologies and associated support services.

Syscomm Growth

An early adopter of hosted data and telephony services, Syscomm has developed its Data Centre (Cloud) environment across multiple sites in London and Coventry, that are interlinked with a secure and resilient private fibre network. This combined with a variety of high-speed connectivity (ISP) services extended to our client’s premises able Syscomm to deliver a fully managed end-to-end solution tailored to client need.

Our holistic service is fully supported by design consultancy, implementation, monitoring and maintenance competencies that support organisations of all sizes in their evolution toward advanced information technologies for business advantage, both today and tomorrow.

Find out how Syscomm can help your business benefit from technical innovation in our increasingly connected, digital world.

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