IT Outsourcing Services

Pro-active onsite and remote support from our expert IT helpdesk

At Syscomm we take great pride in delivering a comprehensive IT support service that helps our customers become confident that IT can support their business, whilst also controlling costs.

We deliver onsite or remote support paired with forward thinking consultancy to ensure that your IT technology investments and costs are tightly aligned with and always proportionate to your business objectives.

Our professional support allows our customers to focus on their businesses, knowing that Syscomm as their trustworthy IT partner can help them to align technology investment with business goals. We deliver end-to-end, expert IT Support focused on systems availability and uptime, improving staff productivity and renewing confidence in IT to sustain operations 24/7.

Our proactive, pre-emptive approach is focused on identifying issues before they impact services, switching the emphasis away from reactive support towards a managed support framework targeting 100% uptime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We adopt extensive systems maintenance and diagnostic monitoring to keep systems running, supplemented with business orientated consultancy to ensure we’re thinking ahead, converting IT into a platform for business innovation, rather than an onerous cost.

Our Expertise

As a specialist provider of Local IT services, Wide Area Connectivity, Data Centre and Cloud services, Syscomm are uniquely placed to support your IT systems end-to-end. We provide Service Level Agreements that focus on the user being able to perform their duties – we maximise application availability and minimise interruptions. We build balanced and proportionate technology solutions, with a complete IT Support wrapper that delivers systems availability, security and resiliency as a part of an effective and business focused outsourced IT Department.

Whether your business is looking for supplementary general or specialist IT support, or to embrace the contractual guarantees and firm SLA offered by a fully outsourced IT Support agreement, Syscomm can tailor a solution to meet your business requirements.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line Helpdesk Support
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Onsite Support and Maintenance
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Diagnostic and Trend Analysis
  • Holiday and Sickness Cover

IT Outsourcing Services

Syscomm is committed to providing mission-critical IT to organisations across all sectors. We manage systems desktop to Data Centre, so you can focus on your business-critical operations.  Our IT outsourcing solutions enable your business to unlock the value of its IT.

We aim to help IT departments free themselves from day to day operational activity to allow them to deliver strategic value back to their business by creating a scaleable infrastructure that is closely aligned to their organisations core business operations.

As an IT Outsourcing and Managed Services provider, we benefit from leveraging economies of scale through dedicated facilities, shared services and a wide technical skill base. This allows us to deliver you comprehensive and cost-effective IT outsourcing services which are less expensive, more flexible, agile and scaleable than those which you are able to provide in house. In short, we can deliver a better service for less!

As an IT Outsourcing provider, we focus on two core areas of your IT function:

  • Infrastructure Management – we take responsibility for all your IT systems such as email, firewalls, system monitoring, data centre hosting etc, and deliver a service up to and including the operating system level, all based on agreed service levels for a fixed number of years.


  • Application Management – we are able to offer application development and support skills to deliver a fully supported application management outsourced service, either for existing legacy applications or for new applications being developed. This can be delivered as a fully managed IT outsourcing service or as part of an ‘application tier only’ support service.


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