Traditional Data Centre

The traditional Data Centre is under strain and vulnerable to outages. Rapidly increasing data volumes, server loads and network traffic are demanding an expansion of existing, often legacy systems; and with business applications also evolving, the critical infrastructure at the heart of the network is struggling to keep up. Costly expansion of these legacy systems is making the Data Centre overly complex, inflexible and inefficient.

By contrast, the modern, ‘Hyper-Converged’ Data Centre network should be simple and versatile. The modern Data Centre with Virtualised Storage, Virtualised Compute and a Virtualised Network brings cost savings, commercial agility and competitive advantage.

Whilst Virtualisation is not new, innovations in Fabric Networking now brings Virtualisation to the Network, and offers support for the concurrent running of demanding traffic flows within a single, converged and traffic optimised network. Voice, Video, Storage, Replication, Multicast and Application traffic can now all be consolidated onto a single multi-service Fabric Connect Ethernet Fabric.

Shortest Path Bridging

With Shortest Path Bridging network traffic is switched onto the most efficient end-to-end path, and with Fabric Connect the network can be extended between multiple sites hundreds or thousands of miles apart for ultimate resiliency, and without any of the complexity surrounding traditional VLAN extension.

Fabric Connect, as a Software Defined, Virtualised Network with edge-only provisioning allows an administrator to build new, securely isolated services end-to-end within the Data Centre, or across the world in seconds and all without reconfiguring the core network. Virtual machines can be connected to new networks and new storage in moments; and services can be extended between Data Centres, or into offices in seconds, and without risk to create a more secure, more reliable, more versatile and lower cost Data Centre network.

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