Syscomm’s Fabric Network

Syscomm’s private carrier class Fabric network is interconnected through 6 strategic UK Data Centre facilities that provide the backbone of our Cloud, Hosting and Connectivity solutions.

We have selected these Data Centres for their strategic importance in the UK communications infrastructure positioning us to be able to deliver resilient Connectivity to the whole of the UK, and peer directly with strategic content providers to carry applications securely and dependably whilst independent of the public Internet.

These sites also give us access resilient access to the major International carriers to expand our connectivity solutions worldwide and provide multiple resilient points of Internet transit from our network.

  • Telehouse North, London
  • Telehouse East, London
  • Equinix Telecity Harbour Exchange, London
  • Equinix Telecity Soverign House, London
  • Equinix Telecity Meridian Gate, London
  • Electric Wharf, Coventry
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