Installing and maintaining reliable and secure LAN / WAN network services to support your business.

Our network services enable your infrastructure to become a strategic business asset, improving performance and security across the organisation. The network is the backbone of any modern organisation – it underpins the delivery of an ever increasing number of critical systems, services and applications.  Every service that Syscomm provides ultimately relies on the powerful business network infrastructure that we build.

Whatever your business is trying to achieve with it’s communication, data and application solutions, it needs to be supported by a powerful network infrastructure.

Customised around your specific needs, our network solutions take a holistic view of your network needs. Our network specialists look for areas to optimise and protect your business network through rapid, reliable, and secure connections – network infrastructure designed for today’s digital age.

Whether looking to upgrade an existing infrastructure or planning on building a new network from the ground up, Syscomm can provide the LAN, wireless, and WAN solutions your business needs.

The Perfect Network Solution

From simple single-device remote sites through to fully integrated Layer3 IP platforms for the support of multiple site solutions, we can deliver the perfect LAN or WAN solution for your business.  Best of all, your management of your LAN and WAN network can be integrated into your IP platform and monitored locally or via our remote monitoring service.

Full Integration

Integrate with VoIP, security & caching, CCTV, access control, IPTV, power management and more with the perfect LAN or WAN solution, designed, delivered and installed by Syscomm.

Moreover, we have a range of web security appliances and services to fully protect web traffic, enabling organisations to continuously scan for malicious software trying to enter your network.

Tailored Solutions

Every network project is unique, and yours will be treated as such.  We approach from your organisation’s business objective to deliver the best, fit-for-purpose network solution.

No matter the technology or the size of the project, the end result is always the same: a fast, stable and resilient network that your business can rely on.

Our Range of Network Services Include:

Network installations

Syscomm specialises in the implementation and integration of enterprise-grade IT networks. From planning and provision, through to installation and ongoing support, we offer a range of solutions including hardware such as network switches, routers, access points and cabling.

Network management

Syscomm offers a range of managed services that help to ensure your network is, and continues to, run as expected.  Even if your preferred option is to keep management of your network in-house, we can work as an expert extension of your in-house team, providing you with the most appropriate management tools for your business.

Network security

Syscomm has extensive network securty experience and partners with the leading network and security manufacturers including Cisco, Fortinet and Nyotron to provide the ultimate protection against today’s cyberthreats.  Our own private network is protected by enterprise-grade firewalls, physical security tools, and cloud security tools, so you can rest assured your business data and applications are protected from internal and external threats.

Why Choose Syscomm for Your Next Network Solution


  • Experienced network specialists

Our team of network engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business network.

  • One end-to-end network partner

With Syscomm, there is no need to find multiple suppliers for your network solution and support. We work closely with your team to deliver the most reliable and secure network – from the design through to final installation.  And can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

  • Strong vendor partnerships

Syscomm works alongside the leading network suppliers including Cisco, Extreme and HP.  Our solutions are based around your requirements, including any cost constraints that you may have.  Whatever the solution required, we will have the ideal vendor partnership to ensure that your get the best possible network solution.


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