Use IT, don’t manage IT: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Syscomm

Our IT systems are more critical now than ever before. Our users need instant from access from anywhere. Our data, devices and applications are everywhere. The infrastructure must be elastic and available, stable and secure.

The building, maintaining and integrating on-premises, Data Centre and Cloud infrastructure that scale with the demands of the modern Enterprise stretches scarce IT resources and diverts key personnel from the customer facing IT and strategic initiatives that drive our organisations forward.

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) from Syscomm removes the infrastructure management burden, freeing internal IT resources to focus on delivering revenue growth projects faster and creating time to assess the innovative technologies of tomorrow.

Save Money and Time

IaaS saves time, saves money, reduces complexity (and in turn risk) to build new opportunities and return focus towards revenue-growth strategies.

IaaS can replace or supplement inflexible or ageing systems with agile and secure application optimised infrastructure, running upon Syscomm’s enterprise Data Centre platform. Delivered over our next-generation SDN Fabric Connect Network, IaaS embraces the data security and resiliency inherent in our architecture.

New applications can be deployed faster and scaled easier, helping you seize competitive advantage.

Drawing on our expertise in Data Centre, Virtualisation and Networking, Syscomm is the ideal end-to-end partner to consult on your IaaS requirements and can assist with your design and transition plan, enhancing your infrastructure and application workloads with Infrastructure as a Service.

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