Business-Class Connectivity

Consolidate your multi-site IT into an infrastructure that guarantees the end-to-end performance of your applications between your sites, your Data Centres and your Cloud with an MPLS IP VPN.

MPLS IP VPN is a business class connectivity solution that pulls together multiple Internet-connected sites, Cloud resources, Data Centres and remote workers into a single private network that satisfies the enterprise network demand for performance, reliability, security and agility.

MPLS IP VPN is scalable and cost effective for organisations with as few as 2 sites, and provides the ideal network foundation to support the centralised delivery of IT applications across multiple sites from on-premises, Data Centre or Cloud hosted Servers.

Consumer Approach

Customer sites can be connected over single or resilient links using any technology from our connectivity portfolio – including 4G, FTTC, EFM and Dedicated Fibre. Links can be mixed between technologies, carriers and Data Centres to deliver the most resilient and most cost-effective business class WAN solution.

All sites achieve any-to-any connectivity over a dynamic routed core making new site provisioning straightforward and removing any need for meshed VPN links to establish connectivity across the organisation.

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