Network Demand

As the demands from our networks intensify, the network is increasingly under the microscope owing to the inflexibility of traditional LAN, WAN and WiFi technologies, in our new dynamic and virtualised world.

In today’s increasingly digital business environment, the likes of big data, video, and cloud computing are now driving tremendous demand for faster and more efficient networks.  The transition towards digital technology driven by Cloud, Mobility, Big-Data and IoT adoption highlights a capability gap as we expand our networks, with the Wired and Wireless network beginning to show its limitations in the face of explosive growth and accelerating demand for new service delivery.

Certainly, ports are getting faster, with 40 and 100 Gb commonplace across the network backbone – and 802.11ac Wave 2 delivering Gigabit WiFi at the edge, but the underlying architecture of traditional networks remains static, complex and inflexible. The traditional network is incompatible with our modern-day, instant-results expectations.

What’s Needed is a Next Generation Network.

Cloud, BYOD and Mobility

In tandem with rising demand, changing preferences for Cloud, BYOD and Mobility complicate security, reshaping the perimeter of the network. As we expand the devices, sites and zones across the network, and blur the perimeter with new channels for remote access, the Cyber Security threat grows in both size and composition.

The next-generation network needs to address these modern challenges, delivering new dynamic flexibility to scale and adapt to demand, whilst also delivering inherent security to limit the size and shape of network zones based on who’s connected. After all, if no-one is connected, why not simply extend the VLAN here, there and anywhere across the network, leaving it open for attack?

Legacy Networks

Ethernet Fabric Connect Networks redefine the legacy network, unifying the LAN, WAN and WiFi networks with a single converged network technology to overcome the limitations of the past.

Fabric Connect Networks are optimised for efficient traffic distribution, with traffic immediately steered onto the best route rather than centrally routed, and support instant, easy network expansion with Fabric Connect immediately re-optimising traffic paths when new Links, Switches, Access Points, Sites or Data Centres are introduced into the network.

Fabric Connect simplifies daily management, making service provision in this next generation network an instant point-and-click exercise to build services across the LAN, or even across the WAN, without the need to reconfigure every switch, router and Firewall along the path.

Extend Your Network

In conjunction with unified Network Access Control (NAC) layered upon the LAN, WAN and WiFi, networks can be instantly extended from servers to devices following successful authentication, but only for the duration of their connection. VLAN’s are no-longer statically assigned to switch ports, backbone links, or Wireless Access Points; they are instead provisioned and removed on demand for maximum security.

Syscomm are experts in the design and delivery of Ethernet Fabric Networks, and having installed Extreme Fabric Connect across our UK Data Centres we use Fabric technology to support our ISP and Cloud operations. We design and implement next-generation Fabric network solutions to extend the benefits of Fabric into our customers LAN, WiFI, WAN and Data Centre networks, building truly converged  next generation networks to simplify, secure and accelerate your critical business infrastructure.

For more than 30 years, Syscomm has been delivering secure network solutions for a wide range of businesses and organisations.  We deliver brilliant business outcomes through innovative, reliable and secure technologies and services.

It’s time to deploy real innovation and transform your organisation.   Talk to Syscomm today…

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