Increase Performance

Syscomm’s Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) offers the ultimate in simple, high-performance multi-site WAN architecture. They’re ideal for companies requiring private, any-to-any communications between their sites, and support granular end-to-end traffic control to maintain network application priority (QoS) beyond the LAN edge, extending QoS this across the WAN, into the Datacentre and into the Cloud.

VPLS is a VPN technology that supports the any-to-any interconnection of multiple sites over a Layer 2 network infrastructure of dedicated Ethernet links. Similar to a LAN architecture, where all devices within a VLAN communicate any-to-any, VPLS simplifies the WAN to offer LAN-style simplicity, being likened to a VLAN that connects sites together on a ‘WAN VLAN’ – allowing any-to-any communications between geographically separate sites. This VPLS approach simplifies WAN routing and Firewall requirements, improving performance and reducing complexity by reducing the number of router hops and the configuration required to build and support the enterprise WAN.

Efficient and Resilient

With direct site-to-site Layer 2 communication rather than hop-by-hop Layer 3 routing, traffic finds the shortest path between sites alleviating the need for a routing via a central hub to deliver efficient traffic flow between sites, reducing bottlenecks and improving resiliency.

Choosing Syscomm for your multi-site WAN delivers a low-latency and low-cost network platform distributed across our Datacentres and across multiple network carriers to build a network that prioritises your critical business applications end-to-end – maintaining Quality of Service from the desktop to the server, irrespective of location; between sites, into the Datacentre and through to your Public or Private Cloud infrastructure.

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