Fabric Connect Redefines Networking

The data centre is the heart of your enterprise network and the engine that powers new applications and business capabilities. But it can be complex and challenging to adapt and scale, requiring management of a wide range of skill sets and vendors.  Syscomm’s  Agile Data Centre solutions deliver the automation, visibility, and flexibility needed to make digital transformation a reality.

Fabric Connect redefines the traditional network and remove the complexity and constraints that limit the support of next-generation IT and smart applications in the modern business. Ethernet Fabric Connect networking, and in particular Extreme’s Fabric Connect redefines the network – it simplifies everything with ONE, simple, stable and self-healing protocol that steers all services around the network.

Fabric Connect is the ground-breaking change in networking technology and delivers unprecedented levels of infrastructure scalability, network service agility and ultimate network reliability. Even today traditional Ethernet networks are based on standards written in the 1990’s. These have evolved gradually to extract network growth and to work around limitations, but the technology is fundamentally the same and can scale no further. The traditional network cannot meet the intensifying demands of the modern, IT-centric, application aware, agile organisation.

The solution is the Ethernet Fabric

Fabric Connect moves networking into the next generation, it delivers a single converged network that supports multiple types of users, running multiple services on multiple devices and across multiple sites, connecting back into distributed virtualised Data Centres over Wired or Wireless connections.

  • Fabric Connect gives network administrators complete freedom from the constraints of traditional network topologies:
  • Fabric makes server migration and VLAN extension between sites completely painless.
  • Fabric allows new complex services (like Multicast) to be provisioned and extended across the LAN or the WAN near-instantly.
  • Fabric can scale near-infinitely without adding complexity in the way that traditional Spanning Tree, Multicast, IP or MPLS networks cannot.
  • Fabric allows for an increase the network capacity whenever required without hop-by-hop, protocol-by-protocol reconfiguration.



  • Fabric handles multiple types of demanding traffic within a single converged network, and always puts traffic on the most efficient path.
  • Fabric is inherently more secure than the traditional hop-by-hop IP network, and links can be encrypted.
  • Fabric supports complete isolation of services running on the network or multiple tenants or zones within the network.
  • Fabric is more reliable with services configured only at the edge – core configuration is automated so there is no risk of human error creating network-wide outages at the core.
  • Fabric is resilient – sub-second failover of all Layer 2, IP and Multicast services onto alternative paths, without any user impact.
  • Fabric is efficient – Shortest Path Bridging puts traffic onto the best path, and shares traffic over equal cost paths.
  • Fabric is cost effective with a simplified topology requiring less time for provisioning, and with low requirements for out-of-hours maintenance.
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