Cloud Infrastructure

Any Cloud infrastructure is only as good as the Network deployed to reach it.In the LAN, high-speed, low latency private cloud computing is common place, and security and privacy are easier to achieve. But on the WAN there is far more to consider – delays and packet loss congesting multiple traffic types over slower links, and relying on the unregulated Internet to transport traffic into the Cloud all make it complex to preserve the onsite LAN-to-Server experience that is so familiar.

Add into this the additional risks associated with security, data-integrity and privacy over the Internet, or bottlenecks, single points of failure or configuration inaccuracies associated with Firewalls, VPN’s and IPS, and what once looked white and fluffy can feel daunting and dangerous.

But if the Cloud wasn’t public, and if the WAN connections to reach it were private and guaranteed, then Cloud begins to complement the enterprise infrastructure rather than add complexity and risk.

Private Cloud

The Syscomm Private Cloud delivers the enterprise qualities of Cloud whilst maintaining the virtues of an onsite solution. Though running in our Data Centres, your Private Cloud appears as if it were connected directly to your LAN – even on the same VLAN as your internal servers, and inside your corporate Firewall if required.

Network access delivered over a private Ethernet circuit or within an MPLS, VPLS or Fabric Connect network from Syscomm takes the public Internet out of the network, and allows us to guarantee end-to-end performance and offer SLA’s not only for up-time but even for application delivery across the whole solution.

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

  • Servers diversely hosted across multiple independent UK Datacentres
  • 24/7 Pro-Active Server and Network performance and availability monitoring
  • High performance and highly resilient SAN Disk storage
    • Tier 1 Ultra-Fast Storage
    • Tier 2 Mainstream Storage
    • Tier 3 Archive Storage
  • Enterprise class SAN arrays
  • Enterprise class Server hardware
  • Enterprise Cloud infrastructure built on VMware Enterprise Plus technology
  • Automatic failover and recovery of Virtual Machines following hardware failure
  • Dynamic Load Balancing and separation of Servers across the infrastructure
  • Enterprise class core Network infrastructure
  • Dual aggregated 10 Gbps uplinks into Servers, through diverse Switches
  • Quad aggregated 10 Gbps uplinks into SAN Controllers, through diverse Switches
  • Layer 1 Dark Fibre ring between Datacentres, with MPLS backup paths

Syscomm Cloud Solution

  • Syscomm Hosted Cloud distributed across 6 UK Datacentres
  • Private Direct Connectivity from Site to Cloud
  • Access Cloud resources as if they’re on the LAN
  • Extend LAN VLAN’s into the Cloud
  • Single End-to-End SLA covering connectivity, Cloud and application delivery
  • Scale up and down Compute resources: CPU, Storage, RAM and Network
  • Pay as you Go / OpEx Model
  • Inherent Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capability
  • Real time performance and availability monitoring
  • Microsoft Server licenses included
  • Enterprise class, multi-site distributed infrastructure with a lower TCO
  • Increased business agility with reduced application deployment time
  • Integration with Syscomm’s Fabric Connect Network for simple service provision
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