Extended Reach

The simplicity and agility of Fabric Connect really stand out when extending the Fabric between branch office LAN’s hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Fabric is the ultimate multi-site MPLS replacement, and brings massive benefits to organisations bogged down by the time it takes to implement new services over their WAN, or who need to maintain end-to-end application prioritisation as more services switch to the Data Centre or Cloud.

Over the Syscomm Fabric Network, the complexity and inflexibility of MPLS is gone – our customers can open up a new world of interconnected LAN’s – running their Fabric over the Syscomm Fabric, creating a Software Defined WAN to accelerate service delivery between sites on a common and completely converged site-to-site, edge-to-edge network.

 Fabric Connect

Just as Fabric Networking presents the opportunity to run a smarter, Software Defined Network that revolutionises the LAN through automated and dynamic end-to-end provisioning, the same benefits are amplified significantly when applied to the WAN.

Syscomm are uniquely placed to deliver a highly capable Software Defined WAN, or SD-WAN. Our own Fabric Connect enabled core network allows us to extend customer Fabric Connect networks between their sites, into their Data Centres and into their Cloud Services for complete global versatility with a common Fabric covering all aspects of the network.

With Fabric, the days of costly and inflexible MPLS are numbered.

The Fabric Connect WAN, or Software Defined WAN is a next-generation replacement for MPLS. Legacy MPLS technology is complex, inflexible and expensive for the modern digital business. Traditional Service Providers are notoriously slow to implement new sites and new services across the MPLS, holding organisations back and causing frustration as they try to innovate.

End-to-end Solution

As an end-to-end solution, the SD-WAN offers the benefits of Fabric Connect across the WAN, reaching into the Data Centre and into the Cloud to build a unified and traffic optimised network that prioritises applications end-to-end – from the Cloud to the desk.

By extending the SD-WAN Fabric into the LAN, discrete LAN, WAN, Data Centre and Cloud networks are all replaced with a single converged network with centralised and customer controlled management, configuration and monitoring. Through a common Fabric, Software Defined configuration facilitates end-to-end provisioning of new, prioritised services in seconds – edge-to-edge, anywhere in the network, with configuration only required at the WAN or LAN edge, dramatically reducing risk, cost and the time and effort required to deliver new sites and services.

The Software Defined Network, and in particular the Software Defined WAN wrests control of the network back from the Service Provider to offer the ultimate agility, flexibility and scalability across both LAN and WAN.

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