Point to Point Dedicated Ethernet services allow organisations the flexibility to extend their internal network between their remotes sites over long-haul point-to-point fibre installed between their sites, and at a fraction of the cost of legacy Leased Lines. Just connect into your Ethernet switch and you’re away, running your same internal voice and data networks and VLAN’s cross-site, without any of the complexity of the Internet, VPN’s or a WAN.

 Dedicated Ethernet

Using our UK wide network and connectivity services we run dedicated fibre into your sites nationwide, and build secure, private point-to-point LAN extension services, optimised to carry all of your business LAN traffic at speeds from 10 Mbps through to 10 Gbps, as if it were all a part of the same LAN.

Syscomm Solution

With your business sites interconnected, IT applications and services can either be consolidated into your Head Office, reducing the complexity of the network and improving productivity whilst reducing costs, or conversely services can be distributed cross-site with intensive applications like SAN replication and Virtualisation running on dedicated optimised links, keeping this traffic away from your Internet services.

Our LAN extension solutions are all proactively monitored 24/7 and we run performance trend analysis to detect impending issues before they impact services. We understand how critical our services are for our customers, and all Syscomm services are extensively monitored as standard to give you the reassurance that our expert team are always on hand to support you.

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