Bandwidth Demands

With the rise of Cloud based applications, and businesses generally increasing their demand for Internet bandwidth, there is an increasing pressure on copper based, single line ADSL solutions to meet these new bandwidth demands.

At many sites ADSL has been surpassed as by faster FTTC, but there are still large numbers of business sites where ADSL is the only cost effective technology available.

At these sites, Syscomm can extend the performance and reliability of ADSL by bonding 2, 3 or 4 lines together into a single circuit, aggregating the upstream and the downstream bandwidth into a single useable pipe. This bonded ADSL technology provides up to superfast broadband speeds to sites that cannot yet access FTTC technology.


Syscomm Technology

Our bonding technology allows us to mix ADSL connections between multiple national carriers to simultaneously improve performance and reliability at sites that need more bandwidth than one ADSL line can deliver.

Should any line should develop a fault, or if one of our carriers has an outage, the bonded solution will continue to operate on anything down to a single line, enhancing the resilience of the solution, whilst also delivering a business class and highly cost effective solution.

Bonded ADSL is available using up to 4 lines to achieve:

Bonded ADSL – Up to 30 Mbps downstream, 3.2 Mbps upstream
Bonded ADSL 2+ – Up to 80 Mbps downstream, 9 Mbps upstream

Our Bonded ADSL solutions include a Managed Cisco router to synchronise your circuits, driving the best possible performance from our ADSL bonding technology.


CollaborativeĀ Approach

As a Managed Service, our proactive monitoring on Bonded ADSL analyses the router, and each of the lines every minute of every day to ensure that each component of the Bonded ADSL service is performing to its full capabilities, and proactively alerts our engineers to any issues that might degrade your service.

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