Gold Standard

Ethernet Fibre, or Fibre Leased Lines represent the gold standard in guaranteed, high-performance, high-reliability Internet Access.

Delivered over a dedicated Fibre optic cable installed directly into your premises, Fibre Ethernet delivers ultimate bandwidth flexibility from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps of guaranteed bi-directional bandwidth into your MPLS, point-to-point between your sides, or directly onto the Internet using carrier-class optical Ethernet technology.


Backup Resolution

Our Leased Line services are backed by our stringent, and financially backed SLA delivering a 5-hour resolution of faults, and with quantifiable guarantees around latency, jitter and packet-loss, making our Dedicated Fibre Leased Line services the ideal choice for Internet and Cloud dependant businesses who need the very best performance and availability from their Internet Access solution.

With our Dedicated Fibre Internet Access products, your guaranteed Internet bandwidth presents the opportunity to apply sophisticated traffic prioritisation, called Quality of Service (QoS) on your Internet links. Syscomm support QoS in both directions over Fibre – both on upload from your site, and on download from our core. The effective use of bidirectional QoS makes your bandwidth go further, and ensures that your critical applications always get priority over general Internet access.


Managed Service

Our Managed Internet Fibre solutions include an enterprise Cisco router, or a Managed Firewall to boost the stability, performance and security of your Dedicated Internet Access solution. The Firewall or Router log diagnostic data back into our network monitoring service 24/7 to ensure your Dedicated Fibre service is running at optimum speed, whilst triggering proactive warnings for any faults that might degrade your Internet access.

Fibre Ethernet Resiliency

An ADSL or FTTC backup link can be applied to our Dedicated Fibre solutions to provide instant failover in the event of a failure of the Fibre service. Wherever possible we will use an alternative national carrier to deliver this to an independent Data Centre within the Syscomm network.

For ultimate resiliency Syscomm offer two further specialised dual-fibre resiliency services for mission-critical Dedicated Fibre services.


Fibre Protection

Protected Dual Fibre – Two diversely routed fibres running back to the serving Fibre node or telephone exchange, with single onsite hardware and a common building entry-point for both fibres. Protected Access provides protection against a fibre break in the street between your site and the serving fibre node, or telephone exchange.

Fully Diverse Dual Fibre – Two diversely routed fibres, one running back to the local fibre node or telephone exchange, and the second routing diversely to an out-of-area exchange or fibre node. The fibres enter your building through diverse entry points and terminate on diverse equipment to remove all single points of failure in the Internet Access provision.

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