The Essential Role of Cloud Backup – Part 1

In today’s digitally driven world, data acts as the backbone of businesses, fueling everything from daily operations to strategic decision-making. As organisations continue to embrace cloud storage for its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, the imperative to protect this invaluable asset has never been more critical. This is where the concept of cloud backup becomes not…

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Next Generation Networks: Cloud-driven Networking

Cloud Networking for Multi-sited businesses Delivers End-to-End Effortless Networking In today’s digital age, IT teams face increasing pressure to deliver an advanced, coordinated IT capability across all sites in their business, irrespective of how remote or how small they might be. Moreover, this must be achieved without adding further strain on already overstretched IT budgets…

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Syscomm Awarded G-Cloud 12 Framework Agreement

Syscomm is delighted to announce that that we have are to feature on the UK government’s Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud 12 framework, helping public sector organisations bridge the gap between legacy IT systems and digitally enabled services. Syscomm is proud to be recognised on this important government framework. Securing a place means that we can…

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Harnessing the benefits of Trust-wide ICT

How to Harmonise IT Services & Reduce IT Expenditure ICT – A Strategic Enabler for your Vision The operational and financial incentives for MAT’s to consolidate their trust-wide operations are attractive and plotting a course towards Trust-wide harmonisation of IT systems is an important step in the journey. The dream of schools sharing a consistent…

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Future-Proofing Your Business for 2019

How You Can Future-Proof Your Business for 2019 With technology increasingly dominating the social and business landscape, it’s high time you future-proof your business before you get left behind. The business world is changing more and evolving faster today than at any other time in history. And in order to survive, businesses must start preparing…

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Office 365 Backup – MS SLA addresses availability, not recoverability!

Microsoft provides a wide array of powerful services within Office 365 to enable a dynamic, collaborative workplace for its customers. And despite the inclusion of some high quality security measures and attention to privacy, compliance, and accessibility to support the robust functionality of the application, research shows that data loss and protection are still major…

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Voices from the Cloud – Part 1

The challenge for Voice over the Internet Having been involved with the delivery of both Voice and Internet Connectivity services for well over a decade now, if there’s one lesson I’ve learnt along the way, it’s that customers will not tolerate even the slightest ripple of disruption to their Voice services! The sensitivity of customers…

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Keeping up with the customer

IT modernisation in the face of changing behaviour The trend towards an ever more digitised world creates a gold-rush opportunity for disruptive organisations seeking to lead their sectors with new customer focussed technologies. These disruptors and early-adopters stand to reap the rewards of increased market share and build new customer revenues at the expense of…

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Legacy WAN’s Scuppering Agile Cloud’s

Infrastructure and the Cloud With Gartner reporting that most enterprises now adopt a Hybrid Cloud strategy and that a majority of Virtual Machines will be IaaS hosted, it’s clear that the outlook is Cloudy for the enterprise, and especially when the Cloud transition is enacted over a legacy WAN infrastructure. With few organisations adopting a…

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